Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Blues: Fan Brush Manicure

Hello my lovelies! Can't believe it's Monday already. My vacation is over so it's back to reality for me. Hope this week won't be too hard because I'm so not ready for this! Today I have some nail art for you instead of the usual blue polish swatches. It's a new technique I tried for the first time last week, namely the fan brush nail art. Here's how it turned out.

I have to admit, I'm not that happy with how this hand tuned out. And it didn't photograph too well either. It's very hard to see that there are different colors in there. I used this tutorial by Simple Nail Art Designs on YouTube to create these nails. I don't know if she's the one who came up with this design and I don't wanna make anyone mad but it's where I saw it the first time. Anyway, I used acrylic paints to do this because it's very messy and you can wash acrylics off your skin easily with water. 

I started with 2 coats of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls and then used blue and green acrylic paint for the right hand. I mixed blue and green in different amounts to create shades of teal, but I realized in the end that they all are very similar and the lack of contrast doesn't look too good, especially on camera. I still liked the effect in real life. So for my left hand, I decided to add white or black to the blue paint to make shades that are more different from each other. The result was better and you can see it below. 

Excuse the ugliness of my left hand. It's the one that does all the work. I finished both hands by adding a top coat and then washing the excess paint with soap and water. I really liked how easy it was to remove the mess left by the fan brush. Doing this with polish would be a nightmare. 

I had lots of fun doing this and learned a bit about this technique. Next time I will use more contrasting colors and maybe less brush strokes. I hope you enjoyed my fan brush adventure! For more Monday Blues visit the amazing ladies below!  


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