Saturday, January 30, 2016

A-england Lady of the Lake

Hello my lovelies! As you are reading this I'm at work, even though it's Saturday. It's pointless to whine about it, so let's just get to the nails. The polish I'm showing you today has been on my wishlist for ages but it always eluded me. I finally received it as a birthday present from my good friend Kinga so I'm able to show it to you today. These pictures are from a couple of weeks ago when my nails were shorter and I think it looks great on short nails. Take a look!

A-england Lady of the Lake indoors, artificial direct light

Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday Blues: Reverse Flowers

Hello my lovelies! Today is extremely busy for me and the fact that I didn't prepare this post in advance is not helping at all. So this post is gonna be short and on point. The manicure I'm showing you today is not something I'm particularly in love with. I do like how it looks on my hands but the pictures don't do it justice at all. I really wanted to use a polish that my good friend Kinga gave me to try out. It seemed great for stamping but in fact it was too thin for that, so I had to use it as a base instead. This is the result.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Water Marble Reloaded

Hello my lovelies! What are you up to on this fine Saturday? The sun is shining but it's freezing cold, so I'm not planning to get out of the house today. Instead I'm gonna relax and also write this post to show you some nails that I created last week and wore until a couple of days ago. If you've known my blog for a while you might know that I sometimes get inspired to create a water marble on my nails. This doesn't happen more than a couple of times a year though because water marbles are frustrating and they take a lot of time. It's been over a year since I created my last one so I was kind of in the mood to try one. But this time instead of using the regular method of dipping my finger in the water and creating a mess, I decided to create water marble decals. Here's how they turned out.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday Blues: Water Bubbles

Hello my lovelies! Where did the weekend go? I swear that just a few hours ago it was Friday. I'm not very happy that it's Monday, but at least I'm done with work today and it wasn't that bad. It's finally time for me to show you another blue manicure. I swear I have no idea how I got the idea of making water bubbles on my nails. It was there and I went with it. Take a look!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

A-england Her Rose Adagio

Hello my lovelies! It's a quiet and relaxing Saturday in my neck of the woods, so what better way to celebrate that than by writing a blog post for you. These pictures have been sitting in my picture folder for over a month so it was high time I showed them to you. This polish was part of my birthday present from my amazing friend Kinga and I'd like to thank her again for it. It's truly amazing!

A-england Her Rose Adagio indoors, artificial direct light

Monday, January 11, 2016

Monday Blues: Blue Seahorse

Hello my lovelies! I must admit that I was very bummed out by the fact that it's Monday today. I feel tired even though I didn't do much all weekend. The fact that I survived work makes me feel better though and showing you a brand new blue manicure makes me actually happy. I've worn these nails for most of last week so I can tell you they were very much enjoyed. Now it's time for you to enjoy them too. Here we go!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Aveniro Glass Nail File Review

Hello my lovelies! One of my new year's resolutions was to post more on the blog, so I decided to take some time on this gloomy Saturday to write a review that was long overdue. The lovely people over at Aveniro have contacted me a few months ago to offer me some of their products for review. Aveniro is a Czech based company that produces crystal glass nail files both for manicure and pedicure purposes. I kept postponing this review and I somehow ended up forgetting about it, so I would like to apologize to them for that. I've talked about glass nail files several times on this blog because they are the only kind I use. You really can't compare them to anything else on the market. The ones produced in the Czech Republic are the best I've ever tried, so naturally I was excited to try the ones from this new company. Here's what they kindly sent to me.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Monday Blues: Thermo Geometry

Hello my lovelies! Happy 2016! Welcome to the first Monday Blues of the year! I'm really excited to continue this challenge in the new year. For those of you who want to join us, there are some brand new inlinkz codes for the next 12 months. To get all the details you can join our Facebook group here. Enough with the organisational stuff, let's get to the nails. You all know that I love blue polish no questions asked, but when it's something special like a color changing polish I'm even more excited. This week I got to play with one, courtesy of my good friend Kinga.

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