About Me

My name is Mihaela and I'm a young doctor from Romania who enjoys nail polish and nail art. 

Contact me

For PR enquiries or any questions please email me at: mihaela.od(at)gmail(dot)com

Why this blog?

For me, painting my nails is more than a weekly routine. It is a hobby, something I love to do and became obsessed with lately.  I'm kind of a geek in real life so I became a geek with nails also. I love nail art because it's a way I can express myself. I don't sing, paint, dance or perform any kind of art. But by doing this I feel creative and inspired for the first time in my life.

To the people who consider this shallow or who think that changing your nails so often is a weird thing to do I say: Did you ever find something you liked very much to do? Do you have a hobby or a passion? Did you ever have the courage to pursue your passion and to do something more than admire it from outside? If not do it now! And to those who have been laughed at, talked behind your backs or criticized by those around you: Do whatever makes you happy! If what you are doing makes you feel inspired and glad to be alive, stop listening to all the haters. You will find people like you that will appreciate what you are doing and make you feel valuable!

Here are some facts about me and polish:

  •  I’ve started painting my nails about 7 years ago but back then I only had like 1-2 polishes that I was using. The real hoarding began in the spring of 2011 and expanded over the summer when I ordered a lot of polishes. I now have over 600 polishes. I know that is not a lot compared to other nail bloggers, but for me it is. 
  • My favorite polish color is blue. I’ve started painting my nails because I wanted them to be blue so the first bottle I got was Maybelline Colorama Electric Blue. I’m not a big fan of metallics, but I still enjoy this one. I’ve recently repurchased it and love to use it on my toes.
  •  I don’t have access to many brands of nail polish in my country. The only way for me to get OPI, China Glaze, Essie and so on is to order it online. I have a lot of European polish too, but truth is I don’t always trust buying local brands. It is always a gamble with many of these brands and you can’t really find info on the internet about them.

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