Monday, November 7, 2011

Moustache Mani Monday

Hello my lovelies! I know you are all down because it's Monday and we all know how much they suck. But today I have something fun to cheer you up a bit. 

Many times I have been annoyed by the fact that I can't participate in the "pink mani" challenges for breast cancer awareness that pop up on all the blogs. Let's face it, I hate wearing pink polish and I literally own one, and that's because I got it for nail art. That's why I was very excited  to find this challenge on The Trace Face Philes. So basically November is prostate cancer awareness month and Traci chose today (Monday November 7th) for us all to sport moustaches on our nails. She also offered to do a post next week to show everyone's moustache nail pictures. If you want to participate in this challenge here's all the info you need. 

For this challenge, I wanted to spice it up a bit by doing different types of moustaches on every nail. I used Moyra 3 (white) as a base and then free handed the moustaches using a small nail art brush and H&M Fall in love. This is a brick red polish and I chose it because I found it more interesting than plain black. They didn't come out very even, but I still think this is a very cute manicure.

I can't wait to see what everybody has come up to for this challenge. This is a lot of fun! 

So what do you think?



  1. These are very cute, and I love red and white together! Your nails dont look too short here Mihaela. xx

  2. Thanks Esther! These were done before I had to reduce them to nubs. Luckily, I still have a lot of pictures of my long nails to show.xx

  3. :D Great!
    Just seen you on FB

  4. Thanks! Will be following too! I love European blogs!

  5. So cute! Love that you chose white and pink :)
    I'm a new follower :)

  6. Love all the different staches!! My attempt came out all wonky :)

  7. Thank you ladies! Mine are pretty uneven too. But at least I used polish and not acrylics.


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