Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Golden Rose matte 11

 Hello my beauties! This is a big day for my little blog. First off, it is now 2 months old. Secondly, I have a lot of new followers thanks to the awesome Traci, who yet again connected a lot of us fresh bloggers on her Facebook page. I thank all of you for following me and of course to my older followers, twitter followers and Facebook likes I love you all! I hope you will be enjoying yourself on this blog. To all the bloggers out there, if I'm not following you please leave me a link in the comment section! I would love to read all your blogs from the beginning, but sadly I don't have the time. Sure hope I will catch up in the following weeks. Ok, enough with the blabber and on to the polish!

Golden Rose matte 11, 2 coats, artificial light
 The moment I found out that Golden Rose was making matte polishes and they were showing up around here, I started stalking the shops that carried this brand. Finally I went to one of these places and asked the lady if they had them. They had just received them and they were still in the boxes, but the lady was kind enough to show them to me and let me swatch them on a piece of paper. I picked number 11 because I was intrigued by its color and found it kinda unique. 


I’ve seen this polish described as grey. But Golden Rose matte 11 is so much more than grey. It has purple tones to it and in some lights it even looks a little blue. The matte finish is interesting enough but what I don’t like about it is that it shows scratches and brush marks like crazy. You can already see that in the pictures that were shot just after it dried, so you can’t say it’s from intense wear or something.


Opacity is ok with this polish. 2 coats to get it perfectly opaque. With the first coat you get some bald spots, but that gets solved with the second coat. I love the Golden Rose brush because it’s on the thin side and you know (or will find out now) that those are my favorites. It dries really fast so you don’t feel sorry that you can’t add a fast-drying top coat to it.


Now here’s where this polish fails dramatically. After less than a day of wear, my nails were looking horribly because of massive tip wear and even some minor chips. I had to do something to the tips because I couldn’t walk around like that (stay tuned, I will show that in my next post!). Now I know that mattes chip easily, but one day of wear is a no-go to me.


Unfortunately, this polish is a fail for me. Although it has a beautiful color I’m not one to change my polish on a daily basis. I will maybe try it with a better base coat or wear it with top coat and not matte.


  1. Such a gorgeous matte shade!!

  2. Beautiful color! Greyish blueish purple...gorgeous! I do find that all matte polishes tend to wear poorly, but oh well :(

  3. Great color, I'm totally getting this when these show up in stores here. On matte polishes and durability - from my experience, even the most expensive brands are very short lived , it's just the matte formula, but this color is unique enough to make it worth it, no? Plus, I like any excuse I can get to change my polish daily ;)

  4. I know mattes wear poorly, but I was expecting around 2 days. Truth is I had chips the first day after painting it on (painted it at night). I'm obsessed with not walking around with chips on my nails. Of course I would gladly change my polish every day if I had the time :)


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