Monday, November 28, 2011

Local brand test: Farmec 355

Hello my lovelies! How's your Monday going so far? Mine just got a little better because I finally got a good news (first one in ages). I have a review for you today, that I've been meaning to post for a long time now. Photos are older, from this summer when there was still sun and they are not so good. You can see I have improved my skills in the last months. Most of my followers won't have access to this polish because it's a local brand and that's why I've been putting off posting this. But I started this blog in order to post reviews of stuff that you can't really find info about on the internet and I hope this will be useful to someone.

Farmec is a beauty company that comes from my city and is actually very famous around here. The products are cheap, but usually surprisingly good. I can remember using these cosmetics since I was very young. One day I saw some Farmec nail polishes at the store near me and thought I’d do a little experiment.  Little did I know how good this experiment would turn out.

indoors, natural light


Farmec 355 is a berry colored creme. It was very hard to capture on camera (it's not as pink as it looks above) and that’s why I’ve included a nail wheel picture that looks closer to the real color. I’m not a lover of reds and pinks. I hardly ever use them, but this color is just gorgeous. It’s not too pink, yet very feminine and not boring at all.


This polish applies like a dream. The brush is great (medium size), the quality is great and all this makes for a flawless application. It’s very opaque but I would still use two coats for full coverage. And on top of all the good stuff mentioned before, it also dries super fast and very shiny. I didn’t use any top coat in these pictures.


Another winner here also.  I wore this for a week with it only chipping on the last day, and that probably was my fault anyway. This polish can hold up to any OPI or China Glaze for only a fraction of the price.

oh so shiny without top coat (please excuse the cuticle oil)


This is one of the best quality polishes I own. Seriously, if you see a shade of this that you like, don’t hesitate. You won’t be sorry! The only drawback is they have a limited shade range and it’s mostly pinks and reds. I sure hope they will make some fun shades soon. Other than that, good job Farmec!

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