Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ebelin nail polish remover wipes review

I got these wipes in a “buy one, get one free” package at my local DM (Drogerie Markt) shop . I was leaving for my vacation and wanted something to remove my polish without carrying and spilling a bottle of nail polish remover. I chose these because they were a good deal (about 1,3 euros for 20 wipes). 

The wipes have an individual packaging and are acetone-free. Now I must state from the beginning that I’m not an acetone-free obsessed person. I personally think that the other solvents they use instead of acetone are chemical solvents too, even if they don’t work as well.


The packaging states that one of these is enough for ten nails. But the fact that they are non-acetone (so they work slower), associated with the fact that they dry up very fast, makes them not last until the tenth nail is clean. I have to literally race through my polish cleaning and not be as thorough in order to finish all my nails before the wipe stops working. Usually I end up pouring some nail polish remover on it for the last 2 nails or so. Of course removal of glitter polish is out of the question with these.

Another issue I had was with the smell of the wipes. I don’t know if it’s the thing they call “perfume” in the instruction box, or the many solvents that are evaporating so fast, but every time I use one of them I have to cough at least a few times because they make me choke. This makes me think that my good old acetone is much better for my windpipe than one of these "non-acetone" wipes.

In conclusion, I wouldn’t repurchase these again. I don’t think my money was wasted, because I ended up using almost all of these, but I wouldn’t spend it again on them.  There are many Ebelin products I love (including the nail polish removers), but these were just not how they were supposed to be.

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