Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Eveline Holografic Shine 405

I have found this polish not too long ago in a local shop and was amazed that holographic polishes are finally showing up on our market. I had to get it immediately and test it out. I wasn’t expecting much and was thinking the holo effect would be a more subtle one like the S-he Stylezone I’ve previously showed you here. But my expectations were exceeded. Check this beauty out!

indoors, artificial light


Eveline Holografic (yes, with an f) Shine 405 is a light purple holo. It’s a scattered holo, but I still have to say the effect is pretty strong. This is the first true holo polish I own and I’m truly amazed by it. I couldn’t stop staring at my nails in bright light.

sadly I wasn't able to photograph it in the sun, we had bad weather the whole week I wore it


The polish is pretty sheer so you will need 3 coats for full coverage. Even then some nail line is visible in certain lights, so if you are disturbed by that you might want to add a 4th coat or use some kind of purple polish underneath. Other than that application is smooth. The brush is small and I like that. However this polish does not dry by itself. I didn’t have the patience to let it dry and put a fast drying top coat over it. With so many coats and such a drying speed, it would probably take an hour for it to dry by itself.


Here’s another thing that surprised me with this polish. Once it’s dry, it really stays put! I wore it for 4 days with only minimal tip wear and no chips whatsoever. Now for its price, this is truly amazing. I didn’t have the patience to wear it until it chipped, but I still think it was a decent amount of time. 

here's a macro shot that shows the gorgeous holo effect


This polish is a true beauty. If you’re willing to go over its sheerness and use a top coat to make it dry, it’s a very affordable and durable alternative to the more famous holographics out there.


  1. This is so pretty, I love the lilac AND holo, impossible to get in the UK! It looks very pretty on your nails Mihaela. xx

  2. Thanks ladies! I was surprised to find this around here too!


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