Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Golden Rose 132

Hello loves! Another short and sweet post today to show you one of the manis I wore last week. I'm slowly catching up with all the stuff that I haven't had time to post. This one is another limited availability brand (mostly available in Eastern Europe), but I think Golden Rose polishes are also available in some parts of the US. I promise that after this one I'm gonna post some widely available polishes for you! So here's Golden Rose 132! 

indoors, artificial light
This is a gorgeous sky blue with a subtle shimmer in it. It looks a bit more vibrant in these pictures than in real life. The problem with these colors is that they are usually very sheer. I applied 3 coats of this and there's still visible nail line on some of my nails. It also dried with bubbles on two of my nails, so that's another drawback. 

a non-light box picture to better show the shimmer
I wore this for about 4 days with no chipping and only minor tip wear (the kind that is unnoticeable with such a light color). It was kinda surprising for a polish that was about 1 euro. So if you are patient enough to apply a lot of coats and lucky enough to not get any bubbles, this is a great color to have. Unfortunately I'm not patient at all and I tend to avoid colors that need more than 2 coats. I'm not sure I'm gonna wear this much. 

So what do you think about this polish? Are you willing to apply a lot of coats for the sake of a gorgeous color?


  1. That is a gorgeous blue. I like how it is soft looking. I need to look into getting some of the Golden Rose polishes. The list of polishes I need to look into is ever growing lol

  2. I totally know what you mean! You US ladies create so many lemming with your posts. And they all have to be shipped from far away and payed double for because of the shipping :(

  3. This color is soo lovely :3
    your b day is coming up ;p!!What are you gonna do to celebrate?

  4. It is here already! Not much. I have to study part of the day because I have an exam tomorrow. My bf is coming for dinner later. I guess no party this year :(

  5. Its Dec 1, 2:00pm here in Canada :p
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!~~~:3 and Good Luck on your exam!!~~
    Dinner is a more quiet version of party heheee!!=D

  6. Thank you so much!<3 Dinner was lovely and I had a great time. Feel sad that the day is almost over now.

  7. I have this too, and it's my favourite polish. Mine isn't sheer though, I don't know why. Where did you get it, and do you know if it's available online anywhere? I live in Denmark and bought this on vacation in Turkey, and I really want a backup or three (:

  8. Maybe because it's a cheaper brand they tend to have different formulas depending on the batch. I find them locally but I know http://beautycosmetic.biz/ has them online. It's an online shop from Bulgaria. Never ordered from them but I know some people have.


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