Thursday, November 10, 2011

Funky french: glossy tips

Hi guys! I hope the weather is being more generous with you than it is with us. It's getting really cold over here or as the Starks would say "Winter is coming!". So yesterday I was telling you about this matte polish from Golden Rose that you can see here. After it chipped on me prematurely I decided to do something to cover the tips. I saw this idea long ago on  Chloe's nails and I loved it.

indoor, artificial light
 I used Hello Kitty Blackstage and some french manicure guides to paint the tips. Blackstage is a true dark grey creme and you can see for yourself how different it is from the Golden Rose 11, which is supposed to be grey but is actually a lot more blue/purple. The difference between these two was not that evident under normal light.

I really loved how this turned out. I find it very sophisticated and chic. What do you think?


  1. This is very chic Mihaela, I like black matte and gloss together, I finally got round to getting a matte topcoat the other day and will be tryig some experiments! xx

  2. I love my matte top coat! It's the Color Club one. I've been trying some combos these days using it and love the results. I finally made something similar to suede polish which is so hard to get.xx

  3. Very pretty and unique! Love it!!

  4. I love the matte effect on you!!:3
    with glossy tips is cool >:]

  5. I love this look. It looks great with dark blues and purples too. Check out my blog I posted a design I did with matte & glossy. It's a zebra print I think you'll enjoy.

  6. @AllThatIsGorgeous It truly is! I loved this the first time I saw it on Chloe's Nails.

    @Boarbb Thank you! Hope your exams went well!

    @I Bleed Polish I will definitely be trying more color combinations in the future! Be sure I will check yours out!


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