Monday, November 14, 2011

Twinkle Mate

Hello my lovelies! It's Monday unfortunately, but that doesn't mean we have to quit our polish habits. Today I want to show you a glittery manicure I did last week. Here's the story. 

About a week ago I went bowling with some friends. I was wearing China Glaze Atlantis at the time and my nails were very long (by my standards of course). I was prepared for them to chip, but along with the chip on my thumb came a big crack. Oh the horror! I had to reduce my nails to nubs and there was no other way. For the following week I dreaded every nail polish on me. I only showed you old manicures on the blog, because I couldn't face the horrible nubness of my nails. Now they have grown a bit and I got used to short nails again, so I decided to show you these manicures because, after all, the polishes are gorgeous and they shouldn't go to waste. So first up we have: Twinkle Mate. 

indoors, artificial light
The name of this combo comes from the two polishes I used: China Glaze First Mate and ELF Twinkle. First Mate came out in the Anchors Away spring collection and is a gorgeous navy creme. I was lemming for this polish for a long time until I got it, but it seems I always use it in a bad situation. Last time I've used it, my top coat had thickened and it got really huge bubbles, shadowing the polish. I'm sorry that I didn't take some pictures of it alone, but I didn't think my nails were swatching material at the time. This was two easy coats.

On top of the ChG, I layered one coat of Twinkle, a multicolored glitter. This reminds me of MAC's Unconditionally Fabulous, but it seems the glitter particles in Twinkle are smaller. Not sure though because I've only seen the MAC in some pictures. I really liked how this was playing in the light and the combination with the navy made it really pop. 

I'm definitely gonna layer this glitter over a lot of things in the future. What do you think? 


  1. Your nails aren't as bad as you think!! They WILL grow back. Just keep them fabulously polished like here!!!

  2. I still remember I cracked my nail when I was moving a chair :'[...and I thought it was gonna bleed....thank god it didnt !
    oo that was the only day I didnt wear OPI nail envy as a base...becuz i was wearing a matte nail polish...dunno if that was y @@

  3. @MariJo Thanks!

    @Fingers Thank you so much! I feel better about them now. It was so hard to get used to.

    @Boarbb I had about 5-6 layers of polish when it broke. I think that made the nail really hard and unbendable and caused the crack.

  4. Your nails are perfectly ok Mihaela, mine are short too after breaking but slowly growing back, I love this colour combination too. xx


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