Thursday, November 24, 2011

ELF Dark Glitter Purple

Hello my lovelies! To the ones celebrating Thanksgiving today, I wish a very happy Thanksgiving with family and friends! To the rest of you, I hope you had or are having a great Thursday! Today I have for you one of the ELF polishes I got in my recent haul. It's called Dark Glitter Purple and while I do agree about the dark purple part, I'm not so sure about the glitter. Let's take a look! 

indoors, artificial light
This is a dark, vampy, lit from within kind of polish. The color is slightly more red-toned than you can see in these pictures, but for some reason it comes out like a blue-toned purple on camera. Now ELF calls this a glitter, but I don't think it's the case. It's more of a glass fleck finish because of the small particles that become visible in the light. If it's darker though it just looks like a dark purple and that was a little disappointing for me. 

Application was easy enough. Two coats made it perfectly opaque. I'm not a fan of the ELF brush though, because I found in many of my polishes that it is often wobbly and has longer/uneven bristles, which makes it hard to achieve a flawless application. Drying time is pretty fast and what you see here are two coats of polish with one coat of top coat. You can see in my next pictures that I've also wrapped my tips in order to get a better wear time. 

But sadly this polish doesn't wear well at all. It started to show massive tip wear after one day of wear. By the second day, when the sun finally showed up and I was able to take some pictures, it really looked like a manicure you wouldn't want to be seen in public with. Only a few hours after that, it started to chip on the sides on the nails. That really is something I've never experienced with a polish before. 

in the sun, excuse the massive tip wear
another one in the sun
Other than its horrible durability (it is a one dollar polish after all), I really love Dark Glitter Purple. Not what you would expect from the name, but beautiful nonetheless. I highly encourage you to click the photos and make them bigger because it's worth it! 


  1. This color is pretty!!dun be disappointed :p

  2. I'm only disappointed that it's not that gorgeous in low light :)


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