Monday, September 19, 2011

Local haul and swatches

Today I did a bit of shopping, sampling the brands that are available locally. I'm trying to branch out so I covered about every brand that I found and that looked decent. So here we go:

L-R we have: Farmec nail treatment with vitamin B5, Moyra 88, Aden Cosmetics 92, Golden Rose 134,  Eveline Holografic Shine 405, Kallos 54, Butterfly Collection blue crackle, Enamel Art 1000 nail art pen and some dolphin stencils
Now on to the swatches. Sorry I didn't swatch these on my nails, but my cuticles are just terrible today. I also used the treatment above so I'm taking a break from nail polish. Let's see how long it's gonna last...

  • Moyra 88 is a blue-purple (blurple if you will) opaque in 2 coats. 
  • Aden Cosmetics 92 is a blue polish that is more sheer, so it needs about 3 coats for it to be opaque (hence the fingerprint because I touched it too soon). These both come from the same retailer and are said to be produced in the EU, but it's not really clear from what country they come from.

  • Golden Rose 134 is a light grey. This was pretty opaque after the first coat, but I used 2 here. This is a Turkish brand, despite the fact that it's full name is Golden Rose Paris.
  • Butterfly Collection Artistic Cracks is a blue crackle (no name or number of the shade on the bottle).  I haven't found much about this on the internet but it seems to crack pretty well and it's a nice color.

  • Kallos High Gloss Nail Colour 54 is a nice bubblegum pink, opaque in only one coat. Too bad that it smells like cheap paint. We'll see...
  • Eveline Cosmetics Holografic Shine 405 is a purple holo! It's one of the few holos you can find over here. This is pretty sheer so it probably needs about 3 coats, or it could be layered over a purple creme.
So what do you think? Would you get any of these colors yourself?



  1. nice polishes, I love that gray GR, must look for it here, although I've plenty of light grays already ;) and that blue crackle is really good

  2. I actually didn't have such a light gray in my collection. The crackle is nice, although it cracks differently from my China Glaze. The chunks in the China Glaze are much thicker than here.

  3. That crackle polish looks good, and I LOVE the holo, can't find them anywhere over here in the shops!

  4. Oh my gosh no holos! and I thought Romania was really bad, but at least we have a few popping here and there. From the British brands I knew GOSH had some great holos, don't know if they are available anymore. Also Nails Inc has a holo top coat I think. I'd be happy to send some your way if you can't find any :) xx


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