Friday, September 30, 2011

Rimmel London mascara review and comparison

Hi everybody! This post is totally out of my comfort zone (nails), so forgive me if I mess it up. It's my first makeup review. I'll try to cover all the basics about these two products, but if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask in the comment section. Here's the two products I will be talking about:
  • Rimmel London Extra Super Lash mascara
  • Rimmel London Glam'Eyes Day 2 Night mascara
To start I have to say that I have pretty thick and long lashes. I use mascara to define my lashes, to make them look fuller and darker and also to accentuate the outer flare of the lashes.

my naked lashes for reference (sorry for the dark circles, I can never get rid of those)

That being said let's start with the first mascara. I've had this mascara for about a month or two and I've gotten around to using it quite a bit. Here's the official description:

Unique combination of the hugely successful Extra Super Lash formula and a totally new, cleverly designed curved brush.Reaches all lashes, even the ones at the inner and outer corners of the eyes. The formula contains hydrogels that form an ultra-smooth film on the lashes that is ideal for building layer upon layer with no clumps and no lashes sticking together.

I really like mascaras with curved brushes because I feel they give that extra flare effect to the outer part of the lashes. This mascara is volumizing  enough, but unfortunately the non-clumping part in the description is totally not true. The brush comes out of the tube with a lot of product on it, especially on the tip. You have to wipe it on the edges of the tube, but even so you still have to use one of those mascara wands to get the clumps out. The lashes stick together and you can't really separate them properly. The tip of the brush, which should reach those corner lashes is so full of product that it only gets clumps in there so you better not use it. Another thing I have noticed about this mascara is that it's pretty liquid and dries in a fairly long time. I don't mind that about it, but maybe some of you will.

the curved brush
my lashes with Extra Super Lash mascara (you can see that many of them are stuck together and some clumps are still present)
Moving on to the second mascara, this is one I purchased 5 days ago, so I didn't have a whole lot of time to test it. The official description:

Rimmel introduces Glam’Eyes Day-2-Night, our first mascara that creates two dramatically different lash looks with just one brush. The secret is the magic double cap! During the day, choose the Length Cap for ultra-long, gorgeously defined lashes – perfect for those flirtatious encounters by the photocopier. And for night time, choose the Volume Cap, and plump your lashes to up to 15 times their normal thickness, leaving them voluptuously lush-looking and ready to party.

So far I really like this mascara. It's a two-way mascara that actually uses the same brush, so I guess the difference would be in the wiping the brush receives by exiting the corresponding part of the tube. The brush and the formula are great. No clumps, shorter drying time and a lot of definition to the lashes. The length part is not enough for me personally, but I'm sure it would be for somebody with shorter lashes. When I use the volume part, it only takes one coat for my lashes to look really long and defined (and not sticking together).

the brush
my lashes with the length part of the Day 2 Night mascara
my lashes with the volume part of the Day 2 Night mascara
I hope this review has been helpful and I apologize for it being so long. My conclusion is that the Day 2 Night is a much better choice in comparison to the Extra Super Lash. The price difference isn't that big (Extra Super Lash is slightly cheaper) but for the price, Day 2 Night also gives you more product (9,5 ml vs 8 ml). Don't forget to ask your questions in the comments section and thanks for reading!

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