Sunday, October 2, 2011

First attempt at an ombre manicure

Hi guys! Can't believe it's October already! It still doesn't feel like fall over here yet, so it's really hard for me to put on those murky, muted fall colors. Tomorrow I'm starting a new semester in med school, but I hope I will keep posting as often as before. This still means I will have to shorten my nails and wear less crazy manicures (no glitter and of course no ombre). But enough with the ranting, let's get to the nails.

The ombre or gradient manicure is one that features a different color on every finger, from the thumb to the pinky. These colors are however in the same color family and go gradually lighter from the first finger to the last. It's a more muted version of the skittles mani, where every finger is a completely different color. There's two ways to do this. You either take a color and mix it with white and black to form it's lighter and darker versions, or you just take 5 colors in your collection that seem close in tone but each is lighter than the other. I did the second thing and here's what I came up with:

the index finger color is supposed to be lighter, but it came out darker in the pictures
For this manicure I have used:
  • Thumb: OPI Siberian Nights
  • Index: S-he Stylezone 464 (lighter than in the pictures)
  • Middle finger: China Glaze Grape Pop
  • Ring finger: Maybelline Mellow Mauve (borrowed)
  • Pinky: Sephora Let's dance

 Next time I'm gonna be trying the other technique with mixing the gradient colors instead of just picking up similar ones. I think this turned out pretty ok anyway. What do you think about this look?

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