Monday, October 17, 2011

7 nail trends you shouldn’t miss this season

  • Blue, blue and more blue
Blue polish is back! The hottest color in the nail polish world this season seems to be this gem (and my favorite color also). Every company has released at least one blue polish in this fall’s collection. And the craze that Chanel created with their Les Jeans collection, followed by Nubar Jeans collection brings a new shade to the show: the denim inspired blues. The possibilities are endless. Just pick your favorite!
  •   The funky French
Classic French manicures are so outdated. Instead try adding color to your tips. You can use tape for crisp lines like I did here. Or you can try “the new French” with almond shaped nails (youtube tutorial here).  You can also do a reverse French by adding a different color near the cuticle line. We’ve already seen the half moon manicure all over the catwalks in the last years. There’s also a new addition with the  Ruffian. You can read more about these here

  • Matte nails
Matte polish has become popular over the last few years and is particularly great for the fall. Several brands carry matte shades that you can choose from, or you can get a matte top coat that can turn any of your colors into a matte one.
  •   Army greens 
These come in a variety of shades, from the more light khaki to olive to dark forest greens. This trend started by last year’s Chanel Les Khakis collection, has grown really big as every company tried to come out with at least one color to fit this shade range.
  •   Gold and mustard
I must admit this is not for everyone. These colors are those “ugly but pretty colors” that are not enjoyed by everybody. First we have Chanel Peridot, a multi-chrome polish that can easily be described as green or gold because of its many reflections. There are already some similar shades out on the market and I’m sure new ones are going to come out soon. In the similar range we have the mustard colored China Glaze Trendsetter (and other similar shades) that is definitely a love or hate polish.
  • Magnetic polish
It has been around for a couple of years now, but was available only to a limited market. Now a lot of major companies are releasing this polish, that has small metal particles in it. Using a magnet you can easily create a pattern on the nail. It only needs a little practice and is a great method for DIY nail art.
  • Jewel tones
We’ve seen these on the catwalk and in the fashion stores, but also on the nails. If you’re not bold enough to wear them in your outfit, you can still make a great fashion statement with your polish. Also great for that pop of color added to the fall colored outfits.

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  1. Hi Mihaela, this is cool, it's nice to have around up of the trends,and yes blue is huge at the moment, and good becuase it's one of my fave colours. xx


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