Friday, October 7, 2011

What I'll be wearing this fall

Hi everybody! First of all, I want to welcome all my new followers and thank you all for reading my little blog. I hope you are enjoying my posts! I also want to tell you that questions and suggestions are always welcome, so don't hesitate to use the comment section bellow! 

Well I guess by now summer is over just about everywhere. We had some warm days over here these last weeks and didn't want to face it, but it's getting really chilly out there. Today I want to show you what colors I will be wearing the most this fall and maybe give you some suggestions if you're looking to buy some colors for yourself. Let's get started!

The neutrals

  • S-he Stylezone 500 – taupe is a big color for fall and it really can suit anyone. Pretty much every brand has a taupe color in their collection, so there’s plenty to choose from.
  • Elf Desert Haze – everyone should have a nude in their collection. This one is a greige color that goes with anything and is also work appropriate.
  • Hello Kitty Blackstage – of course we can’t forget about grey. Mine is a darker one, but you can always choose lighter greys like China Glaze Recycle or Barry M Grey.

    The classic fall shades

    • H&M Hunt me Down – army greens are very trendy this fall. This is a pretty close dupe for Chanel’s  Khaki Vert and a very cool color for this season.
    • H&M Fall in Love – rusty colors are in tone with the season’s falling leaves. These go with all the rusty colored clothes that are all over the stores this season.
    • H&M Moody Model – a gorgeous dark green. This one goes into the winter season also.
    • Essence Late at Night – I’ve included this dark red because it’s a staple color and a shade everybody should have in their collection.

    The purples
    • China Glaze Skyscraper -  from this fall’s Metro collection, this is a gorgeous blue-purple glitter. If you’re into glitters, this is perfect for fall and for any season really.
    • Barry M Dusky Mauve – a dupe for the famous Chanel Paradoxal, this one just screams fall to me.
    • OPI Siberian Nights – the perfect vampy dark purple. It's perfect for fall and also for the winter season.

      Personal additions
      • China Glaze First Mate – this one came out in the spring collection, but I find it goes great in the fall also and I really love this color.
      • Color Club Gossip Column – another shade intended for spring, this dark teal color goes great with the fall wardrobe shades.
      • OPI Don’t Mess with OPI – finally another (you’ve guessed it) spring shade. I bought this in the spring but found it a little too dark then. I think it’s a perfect pop of color for fall.
      I hope this was helpful to give you an idea of the fall shades that are available in the nail polish department this year. These are all available in the shops right now, but can be also duped with other colors from other brands. Don't forget to always try new things cause you can never know if you like something until you try it!


        1. So badly want CHina Glaze skyscaper, it looks so pretty! and must get more OPI! xx

        2. You should totally get it! You won't be sorry. I used to be anti glitter and after this I want them all. OPI is nice too, but I've realized I don't like the brush because it's huge. So I think I'll only get OPI if it's something unique that other brands don't have.


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