Thursday, October 6, 2011

S-he Stylezone 310

S-he Stylezone 310 is part of the summer collection they released this year. I don’t know if it’s limited edition or not, but it was still in the store over here about a week ago so you can probably get it if you hurry. I bought this polish on a day when I was completely bored of all my colors and didn’t know what to wear. This totally did the job and brought a fresh look to my nails.


This polish is a very light green with hidden shimmer in it. It’s more like a jade green and it doesn’t pop as much as lime greens, which makes it a more ellegant shade. Unfortunately the shimmer is more evident in the bottle than on the nail. I couldn’t capture it on camera no mather how much I tried.


Well this part is a bit tricky. The S-he polishes I have from the old collection with the old packaging are all pretty thick and goopy. So the company probably thought that thinning the formula is necessary. The only problem is that they thinned it too much, so now the polishes are pretty runny and sheer. This almost needed 3 coats, but I managed to get around with only 2 thicker ones. The  brush also has some unevenness to it.


I wore this for around 4-5 days with no chipping. I think it has good wear time, as all S-he polishes do.


If you get over the fact that it’s pretty runny and not so opaque, this is a fairly good polish and the color is great. All in all, I’m glad I bought it and will probably use it more in the spring-summer.

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