Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bring in the sparkle: Flormar U33

Hello my lovelies! These past days have been pretty hard on my nail habits, as I've been pretty sick and thus unable to paint my nails. I actually went around with naked(!!) nails today but I'm feeling better now, so I've been able to polish without having to blow my nose every second. Naturally I used the color most of you voted for in my poll, a color I've been dying to show you since I bought it. 

Flormar U33 in artificial light (lightbox), 2 coats, top coat of Out the Door
U33 is an amazing duochrome shimmer that flashes from green/teal to purple depending on the light and angle. Of course I had some trouble photographing it in its full glory. Just imagine it's much sparklier in reality. 

you can see the different colors better in this bottle picture
This one was my first Flormar polish and I have to say I'm blown up by the formula. It's pretty opaque, but you still need 2 coats to cover properly. It went on like butter and dried very quickly. The only problem I have with this polish is the brush. Dear nail polish and cosmetics companies, please stop making these huge mops! Not all of us have wide fingers and the fact that the humongous brush is not curved at all makes it so hard for me to get a nice cuticle line. The bottle has a nice shape and the cap is easy to hold, but it's too tall to fit in my polish box (not that there's any space left in there).

the teal again
the purple
I've also included some non-lightbox pictures to give you a better idea on how this looks. The light is still artificial though because the sun is long gone by now. 

So what do you think?


  1. I love this, duochromes are my absolute favoutie in the nail polish world!

  2. Love this one, can't wait to try mine

  3. Thank you! Was very hard to photograph too.


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