Saturday, October 29, 2011

Spooky Halloweeen tutorial: creepy creatures

Hello my beautiful polish lovers! I've promised you another Halloween design and tutorial so here I am with these scary faces. I didn't really know how to call them, but I guess that's not very important. Here's how they look:

the light kept reflecting on my ring finger and there was nothing I could do about it
You don't need a lot of colors for this design and the glitter is totally optional. I just thought it would add a little something and add to the creepiness of the nails. Let's get this manicure started!

what you'll need
You will need a black polish and an orange polish for this design. For the glitter I've used ELF Golden Goddess, but you can use a silver glitter also if you want. You will also need a base and a top coat. I have used a detail nail art brush, that can be easily replaced by a toothpick. 

Step 1: Paint all your nails a dark color. You don't have to use solid black for this. Remember to put a base coat underneath because dark colors can stain your nails.

Step 2: Using the orange polish, draw two small square or triangular shapes for the eyes. 

Step 3: Draw two lines for the eyebrows

Step 4: Draw the mouth. To do this easier draw two parallel curved lines and connect them at the edges. Then fill in the space. 

Step 5: Using black draw some lines on the mouth to separate the teeth. Draw these lines in a diagonal manner, so they create orange triangles between them. Then do some black dots for the pupils. 

Step 6: Wait for everything to dry and then add a coat of glitter. If you don't want glitter you can just add top coat and you're done! Another great idea would be adding some glow in the dark polish to the eyes and teeth before the top coat. Sadly I don't own such a polish, but I'm sure some of you do.

I hope my explanations were clear enough and you will try to recreate this fun and easy look! If you aren't that good at nail art you can still use the combination of black with glitter like I did on my left hand. I think it still makes for a pretty halloweeny look. 

I wish you all a very fun and happy Halloween!


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