Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Revlon Smoky Canvas

Hello my lovelies! Today is finally a sunny day around here, after many days of ugly clouds. I thought I would show you the second polish I won in a giveaway on the wonderful blog Fab Fingertips: Revlon Smoky Canvas. 

Revlon Smoky Canvas, artificial light
 I've been thinking a lot about what to tell you about this polish and the truth is, I was lacking the patience to properly apply it. First of all, Smoky Canvas is a greige creme. It looks more grey in bright light and starts leaning towards beige in dimmed light. It's the perfect neutral shade for fall, but not at all boring. I truly love this color and could see myself wearing it a lot. 

I started applying this without any previous research and made a terrible job. I then read Esther's post on Fab Fingertips here, but it was too late. The polish is more on the thinner side but still very pigmented. You will need 2 coats for opacity though. The thing is that it dries very very fast and that makes it hard to work with. I found myself making thicker and thicker coats when trying to level it out. The result of this were a series of bubbles on some of my fingers. 

you can see some of the bubbles on my middle finger
Considering the awful job I did with my application, I couldn't leave it on for very long, so I can't tell you anything about wear time. All in all, I think this is a great color that is a little harder to work with but I sure will know how to handle it the next time. I already have some ideas of looks I can do with this so be sure it will be back!


  1. Colour looks lovely on you Mihaela, I wore this at the weekend, it's almost like acrylic paint, you do have to work quickly. I had to take off and reapply before I got it right on saturday. But it is a beautiful colour. xx

  2. Thanks! My sister was warned and did a better job. She's still wearing it now. She loves it too!xx

  3. It looks pretty on you, Mihaela:)
    I like grey too!!It can go with everything:3!!


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