Saturday, October 22, 2011

Eyeko Cosmic polish

This is one of the discontinued Eyeko polishes that can currently be bought only on ebay ( I wrote about this here). I wanted to get this last summer, but since it’s a dark color I postponed getting it till fall. And just when I wanted to order it, Eyeko stopped selling it, however I still managed to get my hands on a bottle. 

trying to catch the last rays of sun of the summer


This is a black polish with silver holographic glitter. It has a certain dept to it which makes for that galaxy type effect. It is especially nice in the sun and in the light, but I have found that the holo in it is not that holo after all. It’s more of a discrete holo, very wearable and not crazy at all. 

in the sun again, you can see the holo effect better here


The Eyeko brush is a medium width and pretty long one. I wouldn’t mind if it was thinner, because I’m a true fan of the thin China Glaze and Essie brushes. The length goes with the tall bottle, but you have to be careful while polishing because drops of polish will run down the stem and get on your nail. Other than that, application is no problem and the polish is opaque in two coats. 

artificial light


Eyeko polishes wear very well usually. This one started to show tip wear after two days, but I guess it’s normal considering the horrors I put it through (house work and whatnot). I wore it for 4 days and that's when it chipped. But now I remember that all this might be also because of the crappy base coat I've used with it.

macro, artificial light


So the question with this polish is: is it a real tragedy that Eyeko discontinued it or not? Well, I have found that it is very easily dupe-able. I just added some Northern Lights Hologram top coat over a black polish (Moyra 35 in my case, but it can be any black) and there I had it. This combo however has a bigger holo effect than the Cosmic polish. You can see this from the comparison pictures.

Eyeko Cosmic (left) versus black + Northern Lights (right) in the sun

Eyeko Cosmic (left) versus black + Northern Lights (right) in artificial light


Eyeko Cosmic is a good quality, easily appliable polish. If you are looking for a galaxy nails type polish with a more subtle holo effect, this one is for you (hurry because it’s not gonna be available for long). But if you’re looking for an intense holo effect, just get yourself a holo top coat and you’re all set.


  1. Like this color:3
    cant wait to see swatches of other eyekos too hehee:)
    I am a fan of OPI brush.I think I like Essie too(just recently), I found its actually not too thin.

  2. Too bad that the Eyeko polishes got discontinued by the brand :(
    I don't like the OPI brush because it's too wide, especially for my pinkie and I always smudge my cuticles. I find that the Essie brush is the perfect width for me. But the thinner China Glaze brush is also very good.


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