Saturday, October 15, 2011

Vintage wallpaper

Hi everybody! This morning I woke up to see a bright sunny day, so I decided to do something fun and bright on my nails. It was also the time to make my first attempt at a stamping manicure because it was the poll winner. Unfortunately the sun went away as I was doing my stamping, so I couldn't photograph it properly. It didn't come out very neat and I was questioning if I should post it or not. Finally I thought it wouldn't hurt to see the evolution of my stamping skills on this blog and therefore I hope you won't judge it very harshly.

The base color

Eyeko Vintage polish is one of my favorite polishes. I've had this since spring and recently bought a back-up because it was discontinued. It's a jade rather than a minty green, because it's warmer. I never had problems with bubbling on this one until now, which makes me think it's because it got thick and I should have added some thinner to it. I wore this one time for 10 days with no chipping and just tip wear,  so I can tell you it's very durable.

2 coats, no top coat
The stamping

I decided to use the M65 image plate from Born Pretty and do a more delicate print so that my mistakes wouldn't be so obvious. I used Kallos 54 for the stamping, a bubblegum pink that became pretty light after I added top coat.

plate M65
So here's how it came out. The next pictures were all made after the sun went away.

natural light, you can see my ring finger is smudged but I was too lazy to start again
natural light, close-up
A few things I've learned while stamping full-nail images:
  • My nails don't have the same shape. The most trouble I had with stamping was on the really curved nails (see ring finger). The more flat nails like the thumb and ring finger were very easy to do.
  • My thumb nail is too wide for the images so I have to stamp twice on it. This wasn't a problem with this pattern but I think it's gonna be very hard with more precise patterns (like lines, squares etc).
  • You have to work really fast. Well, I think you already knew that. But the thing is that every move counts. If you take too much with one of the steps, you might as well start again.
artificial light
artificial light, close-up
 Wow, this was a long post. If you made it till the end, congrats and thank you for reading! So what do you think?


  1. I think you've done a great job for a first effort! I'm still yet to try stamping. Xx

  2. Thanks! You should try it. It's fun! xx

  3. this is cute :3 Eyeko's nail color is soo cute...!!oo and this tiffany blue color matches pink is nice=3 I like it!

  4. It does look like fun, and the colours you've used make it look very classy. xx

  5. Mihaela, I have a question,,Do you remember I asked you about how to sponge the french tip?
    If I wanna do a creme color french tip, can I still sponge it on?is the french tip still look smooth?
    T^T im sorry...i no my terrible wording..LOL not sure if u can understand what I am trying to ask ..haha

  6. Don't worry, I understand what you mean. If you sponge it won't look smooth. You have to use a brush. To get a nice line, you have to use tape or french manicure guides. These are stickers that are slightly curved so you can make a nice, clean, curved line.


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