Thursday, October 13, 2011

Recent hauling

Hi everybody! It's Thursday and that means it's almost the weekend. This week was awful for me and I'm so tired. I'm so glad the worst is over. Just a few classes left today and tomorrow. Today I want to show you what I have purchased in the last 2 weeks. I know it's a bit much, for me especially, but I plan to restrain in the following 1-2 months.

Eyeko Cosmic, Rain and Vintage polishes
My Eyeko order from Ebay. Eyeko is a British company that was, until recently, making these awesome quality polishes. I had purchased a few in the spring, but little did I know they will be rebranding and discontinuing their polishes. So the surprise came this summer when the polishes were gone from the website. I made an enquiry and they confirmed that the polish is discontinued. The only place you can find them now is here. So if you want any of these, you better hurry!

Flormar Miracle Colors U33 and Golden Rose Matte 11
French manicure guides and nail art brushes
These are all local purchases. The Flormar polish is a gorgeous duochrome that I can't wait to show you! Also welcoming the matte polishes on the local market with these Golden Rose ones (selling for around 2,5 dollars/2 euros).

My Born Pretty order finally arrived (after one month). I got a set of 16 image plates, the stamper and scraper, and some striping brushes. I will be reviewing these in detail in a future post.

I have also added a new section to the blog: the poll. Now you can decide what manicure I will show you next. So check my left sidebar and please vote!


  1. Can't wait to see that Flormar I've been hopelessly searching around here. Also GR matte those still haven't arrived here, great buys!

  2. Ooh would love to see you do the stamping, it's not really something I'm into but looks lovely on others. CAn't wait to see Eyeko!

  3. @hermetic You can vote in the poll and select duochrome if you wanna see the Flormar. They were actually just getting the GR Mattes when I asked for them. They were still in the boxes :))

    @Esther I have an Eyeko post lined up already. And I still have to try stamping on my nails. So far I only did it on paper.

  4. @@umm i couldnt vote..
    so I will say it here:3
    I wanna see stamping art!!

  5. Sorry for that! The google widget is acting up. I will count your vote in!


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