Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A clash of crackles: Butterfly Collection blue crackle

Today I'll show you the second crackle from my collection. I've talked about the other one, China Glaze Black Mesh, here. This one is a no-name brand crackle that I found in a local store at a pretty low price (about 2,5 dollars). So let's see how this compares to the popular China Glaze.

The base color:

Kallos High Gloss Nail Colour shade 54 is a bubblegum pink crème. The first thing that I noticed about it was that it’s described as “waterproof” on the packaging. Funny cause I thought all nail polishes were waterproof. Second thing about it is the smell. It smells like paint. I couldn’t figure out the ingredients from the bottle or from the site (the brand is Hungarian), but I’m pretty sure this contains toluene. You can only smell it while the bottle is open and your nails don’t smell, so I think for this price I can live with it. Application was average, altough the brush is pretty uneven. Again I can’t say anything about the wear time on this one. I’ve worn this for only 3 days (with the crackle on top) with no chipping.  Despite being a hater of pink polish in general, I must admit I kinda liked having this on my nails.

natural light

The crackle:

This blue crackle polish comes from the brand Butterfly Collection and that is all I could find out about it (no shade name or number on the bottle). The bottle is pretty small (8 ml) and I did have the impression that it was pretty empty to begin with. I don’t know if it’s just me but I had to sink the brush deep to get polish on it. This is also very thick and harder to work with than the China Glaze crackle. It starts cracking and drying immediately after you take it out of the bottle. As opposed to the ChG, it cracks in really tiny chunks and as it dries, some of the chunks kinda lift a bit from the nail. It’s also impossible to level out with a top coat. It remains gritty and uneven to the touch. Other than that I guess it does a pretty good job at achieving the “shattered look”. 

artificial light


This look involved brighter colors and also a crazier combo than the previous one. I think it’s great if you are going for really funky  nails, but I’m not sure it’s for everybody. I would probably wear it again if I’m in the mood for crazy, bright nails.

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