Thursday, October 20, 2011

About nails and nail blogging

Hi everybody! I was thinking  about updating the "About me" tab of the blog today and wanted to express some thoughts about my blogging and nails experience. Since many of you won't be probably checking that page out, I thought I should also do a quick post on this subject. I will have a haul post later, so feel free not to read this if you are not interested in the subject.

It's been now about a month and a half since I've started this blog. I posted 30 posts and have already many sweet followers. I also have a lot of people following me on Twitter and Facebook. It's amazing to know that so many of you are reading by blabbers every day, you view my pictures and comment on my posts. I have met so many amazing friends trough this blogging experience and I'm so thankful for all of this. A big hug to you all! 

The thing that I don't seem to get straight is reuniting my blog/internet life with my real life. The only person that knows about this blog is my boyfriend (who has been very supportive and I thank him for that!). I haven't told my family or friends, not to mention people from school. I'm afraid they will be mean and judge me, call me shallow or whatever they can come up with. But the truth is very different. 

For me, painting my nails is more than a weekly routine. It is a hobby, something I love to do and became obsessed with lately.  I'm kinda a geek in real life so I became a geek with nails also. I love nail art because it's a way I can express myself. I don't sing, paint, dance or perform any kind of art. But by doing this I feel creative and inspired for the first time in my life.

To the people who consider this shallow or who think that changing your nails so often is a weird thing to do I say: Did you ever find something you liked very much to do? Do you have a hobby or a passion? Did you ever have the courage to pursue your passion and to do something more than admire it from outside? If not do it now! And to those who have been laughed at, talked behind your backs or criticized by those around you: Do whatever makes you happy! If what you are doing makes you feel inspired and glad to be alive, stop listening to all the haters. You will find people like you that will appreciate what you are doing and make you feel valuable!

So from now on, I will try to show more people my work. I will try to explain the difference between playing with paint out of boredom and having a hobby. And I will ignore the haters. I encourage everyone to do what you love no matter what. You have no idea of the great satisfaction that comes out of it. Thank you for reading! Have a great day!


  1. I haven't told anyone either, my sister and mum think it's funny and take the mickey out of me but I don't care. You keep doing it Mihaela. If people think it's shallow, tell them you're a medical student, that'll shut them up. Love your little blog and it's fun to see what you can get in Romania for us to see. Esther. xxx

  2. I only told my sis and sis is supportive :)! but my bf - -" sighhh ...he just cant understand nail polish..
    I agree with you!!painting nail polish is a hobby, is a passion!just like some other ppl like to collect other things too!My bf likes to go on forums about computer stuff and read reviews about cell phones or computer stuffs but I like to read anyth about nail polishes or perfumes!:) I will always go to your blog~~~so keep on showing us ur nails:3

  3. My boyfriend is actually the one that gave me the idea of painting my nails. He's so proud and takes credit for that all the time. He has helped a lot with my blog, but still gets bored if I talk too much about nail polish. Of course he's into tech stuff like I'm into polish and cosmetics.

    Thank you for your support ladies! I'm glad you read my blog and your blogs are amazing too!xx

  4. Yeah...I haven't really told anyone about my blog either! One of my roommates knows...but that is it. Which makes it a little hard to blog about because people are always wondering why I'm taking pictures of my nails. Oh well!

    Your blog is awesome and I love reading it! I've been so busy with work lately, but I'm hoping to get back into blogging soon. I'm probably going to do your nail tag sometime look for that on my blog!

  5. My room is well isolated from the rest of the house, so I've been able to blog in peace till now. Thank you so much for following and for liking my blog! I will definitely check your blog and can't wait to see the nail tag!

  6. Thanks for posting this. I am also a closet blogger. I'm glad to see there are more of us out there. I wish I didn't have to be, but people who don't love polish don't understand. Good for you, keep doing your thing!!


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