Friday, November 18, 2011

Two more looks with lllamasqua Faux Pas

Hi everybody! Well you might have noticed that my posts are running low these days and that's because I have an exam on Monday and I'm studying like a mad person. But I thought I should take a break tonight and do some posts for you guys. So I'm back with Illamasqua Faux Pas. I thought I should experiment a bit more with this fabulous polish and show you the results here. First off, I naturally wanted to see how it looks with a glossy top coat. So on the second day of wear I added one coat of INM Out the Door. 

indoors, artificial light
Not much to say about this one. Except for the fact that I like my polishes glossy and adding a top coat really made this shine. I had some scratches on the surface of the nail before adding top coat, which makes me think I'm too sloppy to be wearing polishes without anything over them.

On the third day, I really wanted something shiny and fantastic on my nails. So I went with one of the ELF glitters, the one called Glitter Glam. It's a silver microglitter in a clear base, with just a few larger glitter pieces that seem to be holographic. The holo glitter pieces are too sparse though to even call this a holo. Feel free to click and enlarge the photos to take a better look.

Illamasqua Faux Pas with one coat of ELF Glitter Glam
I'm really impressed by this glitter and the amount of coverage it gives with just one coat. I still think of it as a layering glitter, but I'm curious how many coats it would take to get it opaque. I really like this combo and I can't wait to try this ELF polish over lighter colors to see the effect. 

So what's your opinion on these? Do you like Faux Pas better as a rubber or glossy finish? Or do you prefer the blingy alternative? 

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