Friday, January 2, 2015

A-england Reciprocal Gradient

Hello my lovelies! Happy new year! I really hope that 2015 will bring you everything you want and more! It's the second day of the year and I finally managed to sit down and write a post. I really wanted to blog yesterday but I guess laying in bed and watching movies was all I managed to do. Today, however, I have an interesting manicure to show you. These were the nails that I wore to the Beauty Bloggers Meeting back in November. So you can see that it took me a lot to post them. But they're up now so take a look!


I must admit that this wasn't the best color combo because the contrast isn't that big and it was hard to photograph. Subtle manicures are my thing though so I really enjoyed wearing this. There was also a bit of a holo effect but that didn't translate to the photos.

I think by now everyone knows what a reciprocal gradient is but in case you don't, there's a great tutorial by My Simple Little Pleasures on YouTube. I created mine in the form of a single triangle and only used two colors because my nails were quite short and there wasn't a lot of space on them. Both of the polishes I used were from a-england. The plum one is Sleeping Palace, a beauty that my friend Kinga gave to me as a gift. I haven't done a proper swatch of this because I wasn't at home when I first wore it by itself so I couldn't photograph it. I do love it a lot though and can't wait to do a post dedicated entirely to this beauty. The other polish I used is the perfect Ascalon, an old favorite of mine that you all know by now. Here's a direct shot for you.

I loved how subtle this was. Reciprocal gradients are a lot of work but I think they're totally worth it. Another huge thank you to the lovely lady who gave me Sleeping Palace! And another wish of a happy new year for all of you!


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