Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rimmel Sky High

Hello my lovelies! What have you been up to these days? I'm done with school for this week and can't wait to relax a bit before I have to start studying for my exams. Good news is that in less than 3 weeks I'll be on holiday. Can't wait for real summer to start (it's raining again as I'm writing this). Today's post is about a Rimmel polish and a tiny bit of nail art. 

Rimmel Sky High indoors, artificial light
Sky High comes from the 60 Seconds line from Rimmel. Until a week ago we didn't have these over here. We had the Lycra Pro line (which from my experience has terrible lasting power) and the I Love Lasting Finish line (which is kind of a hit or miss). But what I really wanted were the beautiful colors from this line. Luckily, they finally arrived. I immediately purchased Sky High and Grey Matter,  two lemmings of mine. 

Rimmel Sky High in the sun
Sky High is a turquoise creme that leans a little more green than blue. It was very hard to capture accurately. The sun pictures are more true to color, but the polish is still a little more green in reality. Now, I do find this a very nice polish. What bothers me is that companies make certain claims about their products and reality is a lot different. For instance, the bottle of this claims it's a one coater formula. That is not true at all. My pictures show 2 coats and in some lights you can still see a bit of nail line. Then they claim it dries in 60 seconds. Again, this does dry fast to the touch (and to a shiny finish), but it doesn't dry deeply and remains prone to denting for a long time. I almost messed it up an hour later when I added the tape. So please Rimmel, stop making promises you can't keep! 

I added the gold striping tape because I like the combo of gold and turquoise. In the end I think it came out ok. I only wore this for a day however because the tape started to lift off at the edges the next day. I probably should have used a thicker top coat to make it last longer. I still enjoyed this manicure a lot. What do you think? 


  1. Now this is a nice use of the striping tape! I have to try it, too :)

    Love that colour btw, and I bet it would rock mattified!

  2. I LOVE that color and omg it looks awesome with the gold stripe. I always get that striping tape for others but have never tried it myself. I think I am going to have to now.

  3. This looks really great Mihaela!! I need to find some time to give my striping tape a try now that I have it.  Yayy  for holiday!! 

  4. This is awesome! Love your blog, I'll have to try this on mine soon
    Where do you get your nail tape from?  x

  5. Ebay. It's really cheap. Only a couple of bucks for 10 rolls.


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