Wednesday, June 12, 2013

MUA Stormy Skies

Hello my lovelies! Quick post today to show you another polish from the untried challenge. The one we had to use today was a neutral one, which was hard since I'm not a big fan of neutrals because I love to have color on my nails. My favorite neutrals are grey polishes, but I didn't have any untried ones, so instead I chose this shimmery MUA polish. 

MUA Stormy Skies indoors, artificial light

The shade totally screams fall to me and I honestly wasn't in the proper mood to wear it, but I figured it was worth a try. It's very hard to describe Stormy Skies. In some lights it looks taupe, while in others it seems more olive. There's also lots of lovely shimmer that makes it shine in bright light. MUA have revamped their packaging since I got this, but this shade is also available in the new bottle. I have the old bottle, which you can see in the pictures. 

MUA Stormy Skies indoors, artificial light
Application was pretty easy and I managed to get it opaque in 2 coats. The brush is tiny and so is the bottle, so there were a few streaks because of the brush. The new bottle has a new brush too, so maybe that one is better. I applied some Seche Vite to make it dry faster and even out the streaks, which led to some shrinking at the base of the nail. I only wore this for a day, so I can't comment on durability. It would be a record for me to wear something so neutral for more than a day. 

MUA Stormy Skies indoors, artificial direct light
Finally, here's the theme lineup for this challenge. 

And the other girls participating today: 

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