Friday, October 31, 2014

Layla Thermo Effect No. 2 and Bubbly Effect Black Forest

Hello my lovelies! Long time no posts, right? At least the weekend is coming and I'm gonna have more free time for blogging. Today is Halloween and I really wanted to get a themed manicure up on the blog, but I didn't have any inspiration for nail art. Instead I did a little layering that reminded me of zombie nails. I started with a thermal polish that I got to borrow from my friend Kinga.

Layla Thermo Effect No. 2 indoors, artificial light

The Thermo Effect line seems to be designed for artificial nails. I frankly didn't care about that and I'm sure it's not very different from regular polish. It's supposed to change color from lime green (warm) to bright green (cold). My nails were very short back when I wore it, so photographing the color shift was very hard. I did manage to take a picture with the help of water, so excuse if my fingers look wet in this one.

Layla Thermo Effect No. 2 indoors, artificial light
You can see that most of the nail is the lighter green and the tips are the bright green of cold temperature. I wore it like this for a day without noticing a lot of color shifting, so after that I added a coat of Bubbly Effect Black Forest, the Layla version of the famous OPI Spotted. This was a gift, also from Kinga. It's sort of a tricky polish to apply. It has the consistency of water and you need to use a very very thin layer for the spots to appear. I did my best but there were still some areas that didn't "bubble".

Layla Thermo Effect No. 2 and Bubbly Effect Black Forest indoors, artificial light
Aren't these nails appropriate for Halloween? I think they totally are. They are also very cool in my opinion. The only issue was the fact that my top coat started to peel on a couple of nails on the second day. I don't know if it had anything to do with the Bubbly Effect polish but it probably did. Anyway, I will see what happens the next time I use it. I wish you all a happy and safe Halloween! Have fun!


  1. Chiar sunt perfecte pentru Halloween. Imi place mult efectul ojei Black Forest.

  2. Super dragute si chiar se vede efectul! Love the final result :)

  3. sunt foarte potrivite pentru halloween :-)


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