Saturday, April 4, 2015

Looking for Spring

Hello my lovelies! We're already 4 days into April and what I found yesterday morning when I woke up was a thin layer of snow on the rooftops. I'm still thinking that maybe this is a nightmare and I'm soon going to wake up. Instead of spending my weekend enjoying the fresh air, I'm stuck inside because the air is too fresh (read "colder than the middle of winter"). So I decided to close my curtains and ignore whatever the weather is looking like. Instead I'm gonna show you a fresh spring manicure that I created a couple of weeks ago.

This manicure is a recreation of something I've done almost two years ago using a yellow base and green for the flowers. I haven't used studs on my nails for ages and I remembered how much I enjoyed that manicure, so I decided to do something similar with a different color scheme. After much deliberation I settled on Orly Harmonious Mess as a base. It's a lilac creme with a hint of a blue undertone. Just lovely!

For the stamping I used a flower image from plate CH50 from the second Cheeky set, another one that I haven't used in ages. I decided to stamp with Konad White and that's where things started going bad. I didn't realize that the bottle needed shaking, so the stamping on the first nails doesn't look that great. By the time I realized it I was already on my other hand, so my left hand looked a lot better than my right, which never happens. While I was stamping I also found out that my base wasn't completely dry, even though I waited for over 20 minutes. This all resulted in a less than perfect result. Oh well.

All in all, I still liked these nails very much. I can't believe I went such a long time without using studs. They are one of my favorite nail art accessories. Hopefully these flowers will bring a bit of spring in your soul, even though there's none outside. Have a relaxing weekend!


  1. Foarte frumoase si delicate <3

  2. The round studs in the center of some of the flowers is such a nice touch. Its pretty.

  3. Vai cat de mult imi plac! Sunt super delicate si culorile sunt perfecte. Oja Orly is to die for. Si-mi place ft mult si cealalta varianta cu galben si verde. I can already feel the inspiration coming my way :*


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