Thursday, March 29, 2012

W7 Metallic Neptune

Hello dears! One more day and the week is over. This week seemed so long! I can't wait for Friday. Today's post features a great duochrome polish. It comes from the Metallic Planets collection that contains mostly duochromes. This came out last year around the time the Models Own Beetlejuice collection was launched. I believe everyone knows about the hype this collection created, but a lot of people were disappointed. I wanted to get some myself but they are pretty expensive so I settled for some of the W7 polishes that are much cheaper and pretty similar to the Beetlejuice ones. Metallic Neptune was the first one I got (trough a friend). I then found a seller on ebay and got 3 more (I will show you those in the next weeks). 

W7 Metallic Neptune indoors, artificial light
I don't know about you but whenever I think about planet themed stuff it immediately takes me back to Sailor Moon. It's a manga anime we used to watch when we were little where every planet had a corresponding hero. I don't remember Sailor Neptune and it seems she appeared later in the anime. She has sea-green hair and her powers involve water, of course.  

Similar to Sailor Neptune, this polish has green as a main color. It then shifts to purple depending on the angle of the light. The duochrome effect is not that strong and is mostly evident in direct light. I only took one photo in my light box because there was nothing interesting to show there. But I did do a lot of shots with the lamp hitting it directly. Sadly I couldn't take proper sun pictures so you'll have to settle for the artificial light ones. 

W7 Metallic Neptune indoors, artificial light (light box)
W7 Metallic Neptune indoors, direct light
You can see the green in these shots. The next ones try to capture some of the color shift. 

The W7 polishes contain toluene but that's also the case with the Models Own ones. The bottle resembles the OPI bottle closely and the brush is wide like the ProWide brush. Metallic Neptune was easy to apply and dried pretty fast. I used 2 coats and a top coat for these swatches. I'm really glad I got these polishes and I'm looking forward to showing you the other ones. They are just as nice if not better! 


  1. These are pretty!!! I have a few on the way, but I can't remember which ones, smh.

  2. These are hard to find now, but I think I can get online, I only have one, can;t remember name!! Jupiter maybe? I love this on you, it suits you perfectly Mihaela. x

    1. Thank you! I have Jupiter too. Post coming up. I think there are sites carrying it but they don't ship to Romania.x

  3. OOH I love how it shifts between green and purple! Gorgeous!


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