Monday, March 12, 2012

Gabrini M106 and 339

Hello my beauties! Another Monday, another week. Sadly I'm starting this week with really bad nails. I broke one on Friday so I had to reduce them to total nubs. Of course I hate them like this and the nail that broke is so thin that today it broke again, even if there was only like half a millimeter over the nail bed. But no worries cause I still have a lot of pictures to last me for the next posts, until my nails grow at least a bit. Today's post is about a newly discovered brand. I saw these in a small store about a week ago and the colors were so fun that I couldn't help but come back the next day and pick up a couple. I was not sorry at all! 

Gabrini is a brand that comes from Turkey. From the smell I can tell they are not 3free. But although they probably contain toluene, the smell is only present when you paint them on. After they dry they don't smell anymore. I have polishes from ELF (who claim their polishes are 3free) with a really strong smell that is still present hours after application. The toluene in the Gabrini polishes also makes for an easy application. They dry really really fast and they have a nice, squishy finish. I would say that these are somewhere between creme and jelly (crelly if you will). Let's see the swatches. They are both without top coat.

Gabrini M106, indoors, artificial light
M106 comes from he Summer Edition collection. It's a turquoise crelly that is very hard to photograph. The first picture shows it in my light box. It came off much more blue than in reality. The next picture, although not very good, shows the true color better. 

Gabrini M106 in the sun
This is a little sheer but is still pretty opaque in two coats. I didn't add a third one because I knew I was going to do something over it (I used it as a base for this mani). There was a bit of VNL in some lights though. Be careful with this because it stains. Use a top coat! I didn't and had to clean my nails with toothpaste afterwards. 

Gabrini 339 in the sun
339 is from the regular line and is a teal-green crelly. This is more opaque and only needs 2 coats for a full mani. Again, I had to use the sun pictures because they showed the color better. I used it as a base for this stamping mani

Gabrini 339 in the sun
I was really impressed with these polishes. The colors might not be that original but I was happy to find out I had no dupes. 339 seems like a lighter version of Essie School of Hard Rocks, while the closest polish I have to M106 is China Glaze Flyin' High (and they're not even that close). Of course for the price (around 1.5$) they don't wear very well. They show tip wear pretty early, although they don't chip easily. I would say these are great for a quick and fun mani that you don't plan to wear for many days.  


  1. Oh I love these colours Mihaela, especially the teal, I'm s sucker for anything teal/green!! Your nails are looking fine also, not too short, mine are much worse at the moment!

    1. These are older pictures. You have no idea how short they are now.Barely past the nail bed.x

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love this shade of green!

    Sorry about your nail. It'll grow back soon.

  3. Both are amazing colors, I recently bought some new Gabrinis myself, and I thought they were from Romania because it says so on the botle?!? or they simply import them here from Romania. ANyway, yes, the smell is horrible


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