Thursday, April 19, 2012

Golden Rose Care+Strong 109 and 169

Hello beautiful polish lovers! How are you doing today? I'm still studying a lot and very behind with reading blogs and stuff, so forgive me for commenting so late on your posts. Today's post is about two polishes from the Care+Strong line from Golden Rose. I got these around the same time and decided to review them in a post together because they were the first polishes I got from this line. The problem is that it took me nearly 2 months to wear the nude one so the pictures of the glitter (169) are very old. Let's start with 109. 

You might have seen this as a base for my lace nail art here. 109 is a light nude with a hint of peachiness to it. Of course that wouldn't show up in my photos so you'll have to trust my word. I would say this is the perfect nude creme for my skin tone and it gives me the "manequin hands" look. These are 3 coats shown in the pictures. Application is pretty good although the polish is a tad thin and the first coats are streaky. I would say that the final result is satisfying. 

Drying time is not that great so I added a coat of fast drying top coat to speed up the drying so I could stamp over it. I really like this polish as a base for nail art and I would definitely wear it if in need of a neutral and elegant manicure. 

Then we have 169 which is a pretty interesting glitter. I'm showing it over Barielle Slate of Affairs (post here), which I wasn't too crazy about and wanted to somehow cover. I think it did the job of adding a little extra to this manicure. The pictures are in direct light to show the color shifting quality of the glitter. I got this on a whim because I really liked how it looked in the bottle. 

Basically it's a larger hex glitter and a small round glitter suspended in a clear base. The color shifts from gold to blue to green. It even looks pink in some extreme angles. Of course that is more evident in the bottle because my nails are not multifaceted unfortunately. As far as the application goes, it's not that great. The base is thick an gloopy and the glitter doesn't stick to the brush. I had to apply two good coats for the look in the pictures. 

Drying is also very slow considering the thickness. You absolutely need fast drying top coat. I'm not sure about 109 because the ingredients are NOT on the bottle or on the site of the brand, but 169 certainly contains toluene. The smell is really bad and reminds me of my ELF Golden Goddess (that also claims to be 3free). So if you are sensitive to smells, stay away from this one. If not, this is a great glitter and totally worth the low price (around 2$). 

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