Thursday, May 24, 2012

Essence Circus Confetti and a glitter sandwich

Hello my lovelies! I don't know about you, but I'm so glad this week is almost over. It was a hectic week and I can't wait for the weekend to rest. I have a fun post for you today, featuring a multicolored glitter. I've been wanting to get one of these for a long time and now I have not one but two of these. They are similar but not identical and I don't regret getting them at all. The other one is NYX Carnival but today I'm showing you the Essence one. 

Essence Circus Confetti over Farmec 50 indoors, artificial light
Circus Confetti is definitely a layering glitter. It might get opaque using several coats of it, but I personally don't like the look of that. So I layered it over 2 coats of Farmec 50. I only did one generous coat of Circus Confetti and I tried to arrange the glitter with the brush so that it wouldn't all sit in one place. 

in the sun
Circus Confetti is made out of large and medium multicolored hex glitter and small gold glitter. It's not very dense but not too sparse either. I would say it has the perfect density for layering. 

in the sun
Since Farmec 50 is pretty sheer, I decided to layer another coat on top of the glitter to make a sandwich. It came out a little more milky than I would have wanted, but it looked much better in reality. I'm so sorry that this didn't photograph that well. 

I'm crazy about glitter sandwiches but I don't have many jelly polishes to play with. This is more of a milky white. I love how the glitter seems suspended in the milkiness. 

So what do you think about multicolored glitters? Are they too much or just right? And what about glitter sandwiches? I just love them! 

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