Thursday, May 31, 2012

Grey for Brain Tumor Awareness Month

Hello my lovely readers and friends! It's the last day of May and I really wanted to squeeze this post in because May is Brain Tumor Awareness Month. I wanted to post this earlier but totally forgot and realized today that it's the 31st. So basically Marisa from Polish Obsession started a nail art contest on Instagram. The theme was Grey for Brain Tumor Awareness Month. I had to take part because it was an awesome contest and because this is an important cause. Here's what I came up with! 

This chevron mani was done using scotch tape and was inspired by the amazing Nailside. I started with a base of Golden Rose 134. This is the only true grey that I own and it's very sheer. I had to do about 3-4 coats to get it to look decent. I really have to get some good grey cremes. I then put some fast drying top coat on and waited for it to fully dry. After it was dry I taped a triangle in the middle and filled it in with a-england Ascalon (swatches coming soon). Finally, after it was dry, I taped a smaller triangle and painted it with Hello Kitty Blackstage, a really dark grey creme. Topped everything with top coat and that's it! For some reason this photographed better outside the light box so the rest of the pictures will be in direct light.

This looked so cool and really made my fingers seem longer. Sadly I broke a nail while I was wearing this so I had to cut them all off. I'm back to shorties now and I don't mind too much. I forgot how easy it was to go around with short nails. 

I hope you liked my grey mani! To find out how you can help the cause make sure to check this link out! 

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  1. I really loved how this turned out!! Thanks so much again for participating!


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