Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday Blues: China Glaze Blue Sparrow

Hello lovelies! I'm very happy that I can show you this beautiful blue today. I'm sure it's gonna make your Monday better! This is an older China Glaze, from the summer of 2008 I believe, but it's still available at various e-tailers, so you can still get it if you want. 

China Glaze Blue Sparrow in the sun
This polish has the word neon added after the name, but it doesn't look very neon to me. The formula is that of a neon though and I'm sure a lot of people would hate it. For me it just takes a little experience to get used to it. It's a royal blue jelly filled with light blue microglitter. It looks lighter in the sun compared to artificial light, but most of my photos are in the sun because only that way you can see its true beauty. I was lucky enough to be able to catch some rays back when I wore this, so here you go. 

China Glaze Blue Sparrow in the sun
As I've mentioned, the formula is a little tricky with this one. It needed 3 coats and there was still a tiny bit of VNL after that. Being a neon type polish, it dries fast and to a matte finish. The fact that it dries so fast makes it drag when you go over the same area multiple times, so a bit of care is needed. Considering that it dries matte and with a gritty finish, it looks horrible without any top coat. Top coat is mandatory and it truly makes this polish look like a dream. 

China Glaze Blue Sparrow indoors, artificial direct light
Can you see how much darker it looks in artificial light? I ordered this around the time I also ordered A-england Order of the Garter, and then I was worried they were gonna be too similar. I did a little comparison and realized they are not. While they both need 3 coats to reach opacity and are similar in color, the particles in them are completely different. Order of the Garter has a very small shimmer, while Blue Sparrow has microglitter, which is a lot larger. Blue Sparrow is also darker and dries matte. Here's a comparison shot, both polishes are 3 coats with top coat. 

China Glaze Blue Sparrow versus A-england Order of the Garter indoors, artificial light
That being said, I'm sure that people who are not crazy like me would probably not need both. In that case, I would go for the A-england because the application is a lot better with that one. Leaving that aside, I really can't pick a favorite between these two beauties. Make sure you check out what the Monday Blues crew has prepared for today: 

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Have a great week!


  1. Wow!! This is a true beauty!! I'll have to be on the lookout for it ;0). Happy Monday!

  2. i JUST saw this at Sally today marked down, possibly being discontinued...and I passed on it, now im kicking myself!

  3. Oohh oohh I finally, finally have the gorgeousness you're showing!! Although I haven't tried it yet... Well that will change very soon!!

  4. Thanks! Glad you like it! Maybe you can find it in the permanent collection in some drugstores.

  5. I saw someone's pic on Instagram with that. I think it's "last chance" or something like that. But I'm sure you can still find it online either way.

  6. Yay! But shame on you for not trying it. I have so many blues that I sometimes postpone mine. I had this for a few weeks before I wore it and it was such a shame.


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