Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Shop Your Stash (Holo Edition)

Hello my lovelies! I have a new kind of post for you today. Being a nail blogger means always buying and wearing new nail polishes. It gets to the point where you have so many colors that wearing them a second or third time seems impossible. But it also means that if you wear a color multiple times it's one that you really love. There are polishes that I've shown before on the blog but it's been so long that nobody even remembers it. Or others that are gorgeous enough to show again. So every once in a while I will do a roundup post like this where I will show a bunch of manicures with polishes I've already talked about at some point. Sometimes it doesn't hurt to be reminded of their beauty. The one from today is holo themed. Let's get started! 

Eveline Holografic Shine 405 indoors, artificial light
I've posted about this polish over a year ago so nobody remembers it. It's a gorgeous lilac with a subtle holographic finish. It's perfect for a neutral manicure with a twist. I actually wore it for my last exam and it was neutral enough for that, but at the same time not boring. Unfortunately I didn't have sun to photograph it so the holo isn't really showing. You can check out the original post here

Eveline Holografic Shine 405 indoors, artificial direct light
Another great subtle holo is Catrice Dirty Berry. This time we're looking at a darker and more blue-toned purple. I really love this polish and I'm so sad that it's discontinued. Even though the holo effect isn't so strong, I still like the finish very much. 

Catrice Dirty Berry indoors, artificial direct light
The last manicure features one of those strong linear holo polishes. It's Color Club Blue Heaven from the spectacular Halo Hues collection. I decided to put this on last weekend because the sun was shining. I initially wanted to marble with some holos on my ring finger and that's why I put on OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls. However, the polishes didn't want to cooperate and so I stamped with the same Blue Heaven and an image from plate CH51 from the second Cheeky set. Can you tell I like stars? 

Color Club Blue Heaven in the sun
That's it for today. Please tell me what you think about these kinds of posts. I'd really like to do one every few weeks when I have a few manicures gathered up. I don't know about you, but I really like to see what other people wear on their nails. 


  1. I love all these polishes! I don't mind reusing polishes or seeing reused polishes. There is more than one use in the bottle right?? Lol. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a great idea Mihaela!! These are all beautiful!! Gotta love a good holo ;0).

  3. A doua manichiura e fantastica :X:X


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