Sunday, August 26, 2012

Catrice Dirty Berry

Hello my lovelies and happy Sunday! I'm still a little tired from my trip and I'm also a bit sick. The London weather hasn't been gentle with me at all. I have some swatches from before I left so I'll show you those before I start posting my London purchases. Today's polish is my first Catrice ever. We don't have this brand here so I got this thanks to Joanna from The Treasure Chest

Catrice Dirty Berry indoors, artificial light
Dirty Berry is one of Catrice's most famous polishes, but until recently I thought it was only a purple shimmer. A few months ago I found out that it was actually a holo, so I had to get it. The holo is a scattered one and is pretty evident in the sun. I think this polish qualifies as a "subtle holo" but I still love these types of polishes and the color is so beautiful! 

Catrice Dirty Berry in the sun
I have only heard good things about Catrice polishes, but I didn't like the formula of this one at all. It's very thin and goes on streaky. The first coat I did was a thin one and I had a lot of dragging and bald spots. I did a thicker second coat and it leveled out though. This is actually the older formula and brush. Catrice changed the brush on the newer bottles and maybe the formula is a little better, though I'm not sure. 

Catrice Dirty Berry in the sun
I had to do a lot of cleanup with this one because of the runny consistency. It dried fast to a shiny finish, so I didn't put a top coat over it to not mess with the holo effect. Unfortunately it chipped after one day, so I guess wearing polish without top coat is not for me. I will try adding some next time to see how it acts. 

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