Friday, August 17, 2012

a-england Guinevere

Hello lovelies! As you are reading this I'm already in London, so this is the first of my scheduled posts. Fingers crossed everything works and they show up when they should. I will not be around for a week starting today, so all comments will be answered after I return. Hopefully I will still post on twitter and Instagram from my phone so you can follow me there if you want updates about my trip. My username is lacquerbuzz on both. 

Today's post is another British beauty. I just can't get enough of British polish and I'm sure I will return with a lot more from London so brace yourselves! This one is another gorgeous creme from a-england. 

a-england Guinevere indoors, artificial light
Guinevere is a very interesting and complex shade. It is described on the a-england website as a "beautiful elegant antique pale mauve" and I think there's no better description. It's beautiful indeed and looks antique since it's dusty and has a lot of grey in it. But I assure you it's not grey. I've seen the swatches online and some make it seem a lot more grey than it is. Some even made me think it would be similar to Essie Cocktail Bling, but in fact they are very very different. 

a-england Guinevere indoors, artificial direct light
Se essentially the shade looks like a light mauve in artificial light, while in natural light it turns to a pale lavender. It's very interesting, but impossible to photograph accurately . This is one of those polishes you have to see for yourself to understand fully. Unfortunately, I had no sun that day so my pictures are more like shade pictures. 

a-england Guinevere in natural light
The formula of this polish is very creamy and pigmented. One coat was pretty opaque but there were still bald spots so I did a second one. It was a little streaky and I added a coat of top coat to level it out. Otherwise, it still dries fast and to a high shine so maybe with a more careful application you wouldn't even need top coat. 

a-england Guinevere in natural light
I picked up this polish because I love elegant, dusty shades and I knew I would love it. It's the perfect twist to a boring neutral polish and I would definitely use this when in need of a work-appropriate manicure. 


  1. I love A-England, I only have one but it's amazing, their formulas are fantastic, great brand. x

  2. I totally agree! I always keep an eye on the sales. Never payed full price for any of mine.


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