Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Blues: Essence Sure Azure

Hello my lovelies! Oh no! It's Monday! And what's worse is that it's the Monday after the Olympics. Now that they're over, I'm having major withdrawal symptoms. The closing ceremony last night was mind-blowing! Seriously, if you missed it catch a rerun or something! I have a headache from staying up so late last night but I don't regret it! 

Today we need a serious beauty to take our Monday Blues away and I think I've found it in the form of Essence Sure Azure. We finally got Essence products in my city and there is a wide selection of Colour & Go polishes so I got some last week. This one was actually new to me and I was impressed by the loveliness of this polish. 

Essence Colour & Go 74 Sure Azure indoors, artificial light
Sure Azure is a powder blue polish with tiny silver shimmer that doesn't get lost on the nail. The shimmer is so delicate and pretty in the bottle, that I really expected it to not show up on the nail, but it did. The color is light blue with a lot of grey in it, but it still is very blue. At first it reminded me of China Glaze Sea Spray, which I don't have, but I do have a dupe of it, namely Eyeko Rain. So compared to these, Sure Azure has a lot more blue while the other ones are more grey. I will do a comparison for you soon. 

Essence Colour & Go 74 Sure Azure indoors, artificial light
Application-wise I was again very impressed. The polish was not chalky or hard to apply, like some light colors are. It was creamy and just glided on the nail. I did 2 coats and one coat of top coat. Some of the pictures show a visible nail line, but it was less evident in real life. 

Essence Colour & Go 74 Sure Azure in the sun
The Colour & Go polishes come in a 5ml bottle. I'm not too crazy about this because mini's scare me. I'm always afraid I will run out. I've seen however that after one manicure there was very little missing from the bottle and I think there are at least 10 mani's in there. 

Essence Colour & Go 74 Sure Azure indoors, artificial  direct light
I love this polish and I hope you enjoyed it too! Don't forget to stop by these ladies blogs to see what they have come up with for Monday Blues: 

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Have a great week!


  1. Sorry you're suffering from withdrawal symptoms hon :(.

    This polish is so pretty!! I love it on you. I actually like minis because with so many polishes, I don't get a chance to finish them all anyway.

  2. i love that colour and the shape of your nails!

    Found you on the BBU BLog Hop :)
    BreezeyBee Blog

  3. This is beautiful! It definitely does remind me a bit of Sea Spray but a bit brighter. So pretty! And I'm going to miss the Olympics too =(

  4. Thank you! I used to hate the shape of your nails because I have short nail beds. But I love them when they are longer and I can make them oval or squoval. Followed you back!

  5. Thank you! This is what I thought too at first but they are very different.

  6. Haha me neither but I'm still worried. You need this polish! It would look great on you!


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