Thursday, August 30, 2012

Liebster Award questions part 1

Hi everybody! I think many of you have heard about this award or at least you've seen it on some other blogs. Basically, it's a way for small blogs to get support from other bloggers. I was overwhelmed by the love that came my way with this award. I have 7 bookmarks at the moment with the posts where I was tagged. I really want to thank everybody for thinking of me! And a special thank you to Julie of Turtlechick's Nails N Tales! She has been with me from the beginning of this blogging adventure and I was touched to see the kind words she wrote about me on her blog. That's why I'm going to answer her questions first. You really should check her little blog out. It full of amazing nail pictures, pet pictures and stories that make you feel at home. Honestly, she deserves millions of followers! 

I'm going to bend the rules a bit for this award. First I'm supposed to list 11 things about myself. I already did that here and here, so I'm not going to bore you again with that. I also have to tag 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers and no tag backs. By now everybody in my list has received this award and since I can't tag back the people who gave it to me, this leaves me with nothing. I will instead answer all the questions I have received. And since they are so many, I will split them in two posts. Here are the first 4 sets of questions.

Julie's (Turtlechick's Nails N Tales) questions:

1. What first got you into nail polish?
I was watching beauty videos on Youtube and decided to try some of my mom's polishes (they were boring colors). Next thing I knew, I was buying a blue polish (Maybelline Electric Blue) and reading ALU. After that I just became more and more obsessed.
2. Do you have any pets?
Yes, I have a dog. His name is Freddy. I actually posted some photos ages ago in this post.
3. What is your favorite brand?
China Glaze, hands down.
4. Are you into the Indie polishes?
Not really. It's really hard for me to get them here and they are on the pricier side.
5. If you had unlimited funds what 3 polishes would you buy?
This one is hard. I guess Nails Inc Baker Street would be the first. Then Deborah Lippmann Across The Universe and the blue Layla holo. These came first to mind. It's really hard to limit myself to 3.
6. What is your favorite drink?
Another hard one. Coke is the one I drink most. Coffee would be second. Yes, I like caffeine!
7. If you never had to work again what would you spend time doing?
Probably some kind of art. But I would first have to find out what I'm good at. Oh and I would do a lot of reading.
8. What is your favorite finish?
Wow, this is impossible to answer. I will go with creme. It's the most versatile. Boring, I know.
9. What is your biggest lemming?
Nails Inc Baker Street. Yet I still couldn't bring myself to spend 11 ₤ on it while I was in London.
10. Why did you start blogging?
Back when I first started buying polish, I was looking for swatches of colors that are available in my area. I realized there are not many blogs that cover some of the less popular brands and I thought my swatches would be useful to somebody. Plus I wanted to have a diary of all my manicures.

Natalie's (Walk In My Eyeshadow) questions:

1. You have created a brand of nail polishes. What is the name of your brand and what is your signature colour? Describe it.
The name is Lacquer Buzz, of course. My signature color is a navy blue. Much like China Glaze First Mate, only very very pigmented. It would have to be opaque in one thin coat. I know it's not very creative, but it's my favorite color.
2. What is your favorite sweet treat?
Chocolate. Any kind!
3. If you were a drag queen, what would your stage name be?
I don't know what to answer to this question. I guess Lady something...
4. The one country you would most like to visit?
5. You have been left on a desert island, what are the three most stupid items you have with you?
Most stupid? My phone (useless on an island with no connection), my keys (what would they open?) and a pen (what would I write on?). These are all items I have in my purse usually.
6. Favorite animal?
I'm a dog person.
7. If reincarnation is real, what would you like to come back as? Why?
The dog of a really rich lady. I don't think I have to explain that.
8. What colour is the sky in your imagination?
Blue.. Does this mean I have no imagination?
9. Who would you turn gay for?
I don't really like any women in particular. Maybe Christina Hendricks from Mad Men.
10. If you could replace a character in a movie with yourself, which movie would you choose and which character?
Polly from Along Came Polly. I would love to be careless like her!
11. If you could create any gemstone anytime you wanted with your bare hands, what would it be and why?
A sapphire because I love blue.

Dayze's questions (Nail Craze with Dayze):

1. Name one thing that is on your bucket list and explain why?
I would love to visit a few countries in South America. I've always been fascinated by the culture and the people. My favorite writers are from Argentina and Columbia and I've heard plenty about the beauty of those places.
2. What is your greatest accomplishment?
I'm almost done with med school. Technically, it's not an accomplishment since I didn't finish. But I'm done with 5 out of 6 years.
3. Name something different about you.
I'm a lefty and that always makes people comment. For me it's not such a big deal but I guess it is for them.
4. What is your biggest pet peeve?
I'm a germophobe and also hate chipped nails.
5. What would you do with a million dollars?
Buy a lot of polish, a house and lots of cool gadgets.
6. What is your favorite Movie? why?
It's really hard for me to choose only one because it would be unfair to the other ones. Some of my favorites are Forest Gump, Love Actually, Nuovo Cinema Paradiso, Life Is Beautiful, Saturno Contro and Dirty Dancing.
7. Do you have a nail routine?
Well I just posted a nail care routine a few days ago. You can find it here.
8. Have you ever met a celebrity?
No, not really.
9. What is your favorite nail polish brand?
China Glaze
10. What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
Nothing comes to mind so I will say starting a nail polish blog.
11. Do you prefer fake nails or natural nails?
Natural nails. I hate the fake ones. I prefer short and healthy natural nails.

Emma's (Globe & Nail) questions:

1. Why did you decide to start blogging, and how long ago did you start?
Well I actually explained why above (first set of questions). I started almost 1 year ago.
2. Favourite polish finish? (Creme, glitter, holo, shimmer, ect.?)
Again, answered already. I chose creme.
3. Ever had an embarrassing manicure failure?
All the time. Especially with nail art. But that's how we learn.
4. What is your nail art/nail care pet peeve?
Chipped nails!
5. Biggest polish lemming?
Nails Inc Baker Street
6. What brand of polish do you own the most of?
China Glaze because it's my favorite brand.
7. What is your favourite movie?
Answered above. See question 6 from the last set.
8. Favourite book?
Again, very hard to choose. I will go with Ernesto Sabato's Before the End.
9. Any hobbies besides nail art and blogging?
Reading, if you can call that a hobby. Video games. And recently I'm into jewelry making.
10. Three material possessions you couldn't live a day without?
I really thought about this question and realized that I can live "a day" without most of my belongings. I guess my phone, my computer and nail polish are the things I use most.
11. Do you ever leave the house with naked nails?
Yes, sometimes. But it's mostly when I have a hard exam.

That's it for the first sets of questions. Thanks again to Julie, Natalie, Dayze and Emma for tagging me! The rest of the questions will be answered in another post. 


  1. These are some of my favorite posts!! I love reading about people and finding out more about them besides the fact they have beautiful nails!
    We have some similar interests lady!!! =))

  2. Oh I'm glad you enjoyed this! I was worried that it was too boring for anyone to read. And it did take some time cause there are some hard questions in there. But I really wanted to thank the girls by answering their questions. I still have one more of these coming up. I'm so glad we have things in common! :)


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