Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday Blues: Catrice Denim Moore

Hello my lovelies! I hope this Monday will be a sunny one where you are. It seems that I still have a week of rain to face over here and I'm also starting to get busy with exams again so I will try to post as much as possible on the blog, but it won't be as often as usual. I'm gonna show you a lovely blue today and also remind you that April is Autism Awareness Month. So if you wanna join check out this website to find out how you can raise awareness. 

Catrice Denim Moore indoors, artificial light
Again Catrice with their puns! At least this one is funny and not long and stupid like the OPI ones. Denim Moore is one of the new Catrice polishes. They have recently revamped their collection and most of the shades are new. This one is sort of a light indigo or blurple shade, with a beautiful silver shimmer. I wouldn't say this is the color of denim at all. The color reminds me of Essie Smooth Sailing, while the shimmer looks similar to the one in Essie Coat Azure. Since I love both of those polishes it was obvious that I was gonna need this one in my collection. 

Catrice Denim Moore indoors, artificial light
I was really impressed with the formula of this polish. It's quite pigmented but I had some bald spots with the first coat, so I did two. The brush however is a whole different story. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen the photos I posted a few days ago, where I was comparing the Catrice brushes of the 3 new bottles I got. They are all different from each other and all uneven and with an angled cut. I'm not sure if this is intentional or not, but this one is the worst of all their brushes, which is unfortunate because it's the second time they change it in a year or so. 

Catrice Denim Moore indoors, artificial light
It may be that they improved something on these polishes, namely the durability. The older Catrice polishes I have normally start chipping on me after a day, but I wore this one for 2 days and it looked decent the whole time, so that's a big plus. Below you can see a direct light photo to get a better look of that gorgeous shimmer. 

Catrice Denim Moore indoors, artificial direct light
I'm definitely in love with this polish. And to think that I wasn't even sure if I needed it at first. All three Catrice polishes I recently got are amazing actually. I can't wait to show you the other ones! But until then, you can check out more Monday Blues below. 


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