Friday, April 26, 2013

China Glaze Secret Peri-wink-le

Hello my lovelies! I couldn't be happier about it being Friday. I have my last exam today and then it's holiday time for me. I can't wait to enjoy the beautiful spring weather and do lots of nail art! The polish I'm gonna show you today has been a long time lemming of mine. China Glaze came out with a similar color this spring, but I preferred to get this one because I love the older China Glaze formula. Needless to say that it didn't disappoint! 

China Glaze Secret Per-wink-le in the sun
Secret Peri-wink-le (not too crazy about the spelling of the name) is, of course, a periwinkle creme. In my photos it looks a bit more blue than it actually is, but my camera is always fussy when it comes to picking up purple. The color is right between blue and purple in reality, so in order to avoid controversy I didn't post it as a Monday Blue

China Glaze Secret Per-wink-le in the sun
The formula was as perfect as I expected. 2 easy coats were all it needed to look great. I love the way these older China Glaze cremes go on and I love the brush. There was almost no cleanup necessary after applying this one. It dries very shiny and doesn't need top coat, but I added some to make it dry faster because I wanted to do some nail art on top. 

China Glaze Secret Per-wink-le in the sun
This beautiful spring color immediately inspired me to add some more spring colors and make it a spring color block manicure. So I used some striping tape to mask the tips and added Rimmel Peppermint and Barry M Peach Melba alternatively on each finger. 

I was completely in love with the way this looked so I had to do both my hands. I did sort of a mirror image on my left hand where the fingers that had peach on my right hand had mint on my left hand and vice versa. The picture below has been taken with the camera sitting on a very wobbly tripod so forgive the awkwardness. 

This totally screams spring to me. I hope you enjoyed it too and I'm looking forward to showing you even more spring manicures in the following weeks! 


  1. This is so pretty! Totally spring! I think Secret Peri-wink-le is a gorgeous blue!

  2. ce bine arata, sunt foarte foarte frumoase pozele :X



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