Sunday, February 5, 2012

Essie Coat Azure

Hello dears and happy Sunday to you! It's a snowy and quiet day over here and I'm enjoying some much needed rest & relaxation. I painted this gorgeous blue on my nails yesterday and although it doesn't have anything to do with the season, it really brightened my day. I'm continuing this way with my Essie posts. I guess this is the last one from my collection that I haven't swatched on this blog (although I did use it in some previous nail art). Ok enough with the blabber, let's get to the polish! 

Essie Coat Azure, indoors, artificial light
Coat Azure comes from Essie's spring collection for 2011. It's a gorgeous sky blue polish with a subtle, yet noticeable shimmer. It's not one of those hidden shimmers that are so hard to catch on the nail. What I love about these Essie polishes is that the shimmer is so pretty and totally different from the generic shimmers we see in lower brand polishes. Of course the polish didn't photograph accurately. It's not this bright. Imagine it's a little lighter and closer to the color of the summer sky. 

close-up of the shimmer
I've worn this polish several times since I got it almost a year ago. It's always a pleasure to apply and the brush is a dream. It's opaque in two coats and I hardly need any clean-up. It dries to such a great shine that it's a shame to cover it with top coat. My pictures are all without top coat. 

As I've stated before, Essie polishes have a great wear, so there's no reason to worry about chipping on this one any time soon. Stay tuned because I have something fun involving this polish to show you later! 


  1. wow this is so shiny without a topcoat! I still have to try Essie polish,can;t believe I haven't yet!


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