Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fun Sunday: YouTube

Hello loves! Fun Sunday is back! This week I want to talk about YouTube. Now I'm sure you all watch music videos and whatnot on there, but my favorites are nail videos. I love to watch tutorials to find inspiration and learn new techniques. I have a bunch of channels that I love and I check everyday to see if they posted new videos. So I though I would share them with you. If you know of other awesome channels that I didn't list, feel free to leave me a comment and I'll be sure to check them out. I also added a few of my favorite makeup gurus.

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General nail art

  • cutepolish - This might be the most famous nail art channel on YouTube. Her tutorials are easy, well explained and her voice is so soothing. And of course the designs are so cute!
  • Creativenailart - A European channel! This talented girl from Holland has amazing nails and does the best designs on them! 
  • IHaveACupcake - Another famous channel with cute and easy designs. These tutorials are always so fun to watch! 
  • TotallyCoolNails - She always comes up with the greatest ideas for nail art. Her designs are very original! 
  • IndigoNova1 - Again, we have a very original nail artist here! You must check this channel out! 
  • Pixie Polish - Cute short nails and a toothpick. This is all you need to create amazing nail art! 
  • LuvableNails - A fresh channel with breathtaking freehand nail art.

Stamping nail art 

  • soguesswhat11 - The ladies who are into stamping regard her as the ultimate stamping guru on YouTube. She has lots of tutorials and has reviewed pretty much every plate set available. 
  • DandyNails - I listed her in the stamping section but she also has freehand nail art tutorials, hauls and reviews. I found this channel 2-3 weeks ago and had so much fun watching almost all of her videos. 
  • PlasmaSpeedo - She recently made a tutorial for stamping using acrylics. She is also the author of the awesome "Sh*t Nail Polish Addicts Say" video.
Makeup gurus

  • julieg713 - This was the first channel I subscribed to on YouTube. She also has a lot of nail videos! 
  • emilynoel83 - Emily has the most thorough reviews on makeup products and a lot of them are drugstore brands that are accessible over here too. Plus she's such an amazing person! 
  • DulceCandy87 - Her videos always cheer me up. I love her fashion and makeup hauls! And we're exactly the same age too!

I hope you will check some of these out! Have a fun and relaxing Sunday!


  1. I have to check some of these out!! With all my blog reading, I haven't made time to look at videos. The only I really remember is mysimplelittlepleasures. She has some great water marbling videos.

    1. I know her. She's got some great tutorials!

  2. Why was robin moses not mentioned here I don't get it. She should be #1 in the list

    1. I'm not sure I get the source of your discontent. This is a list of my favorite channels. Is it mandatory to like certain channels?


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