Saturday, February 4, 2012 haul

Hello my beauties! I can't believe it's been so long since my last post. It's been almost one week since I've talked to you guys. This week has been so crazy for me and I'm so tired. Hopefully this weekend will get me rested enough to start it all again on Monday. 

I have a lot of stuff to show you and lots of pictures on my backlog and I will start today with the pretties that arrived this week. I actually waited a lot more than usual for these because they were shipped only a week after I ordered them and then they traveled from Florida to NY for 5 days. But in the end I'm happy I finally received them. Excuse the ugly photos, but these were done as I was opening my package in bed. In case you wonder, the busy background is my bedding. 

L-R: Orly Fowl Play, Androgynie and Au Champagne

I was amazed as I removed these Orly's from the packaging. There are really no words to describe the beauty of Fowl Play. Androgynie is also amazing in the bottle and I will do my best to translate that on the nail. I ordered Au Champagne because I've seen it on many blogs and thought it would be a great canvas for nail art. It's also very pretty on its own. 

L-R: Barielle Slate of Affairs, Essie Cocktail Bling, China Glaze Awaken
I've been lemming Slate of Affairs for some time because of its resemblance to MAC Blue India (which I missed out on), so when I saw that the site had Barielle at such a good price I couldn't resist. I think it's pretty obvious why I got Cocktail Bling. It's so elegant and pretty and I think I'm gonna post swatches of it next. Awaken was mostly purchased for stamping and it works great for that, but I really feel an urge to wear it as a full mani. 

L-R: China Glaze Kinetic Candy, Aquadelic, Light as Air
The first two are from the new Electropop collection for spring 2012. I couldn't resist these gorgeous shades. I also wanted to get a light purple and decided to get the one from last years spring collection instead of Sweet Hook, because Light as Air is a little more purple (although it looks pink in my picture). I also would have gotten Electric Beat, but decided not to because of it being to close to Orly Snowcone (which I have). 

Ok, that's it. Now tell me what you think about my haul. Which polish are you most curious about?


  1. Awww! Now I want to place an order too! Great haul, I really can't wait to see all these pretties swatched :)

    1. Yeah, I did go a little crazy last month, considering the Magnetix are also on the way to me ;)

  2. OOH, ireally want to see the Orly ones on you & the Electropops, actually all of them! I bet you were really excited when these turned up.


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