Friday, February 24, 2012

Another adventure in stamping

Hello my dears! It's Friday again. My week was off so I'm kinda sad that it's Friday because that means my week of vacation is over. But I still have a great weekend ahead so it's not that bad. As you have seen, I've changed the look of the blog and made it a little more springy. I'm in desperate need for spring to come soon because this was a very long and hard winter. With the help of my sister (who I thank), I also have a matching header. What do you think?

Today's manicure is a stamping I did for last week's challenge on the Facebook group Adventures In Stamping. The challenge was "plate ending in 3". Here's what I came up with.

I only have one plate ending in 3, namely the m73 from Born Pretty. Since I've used my favorite design on that plate for the blue challenge (showed here), I wanted to use a different image. The other ones don't work that well though and I really had a hard time doing a decent manicure. I had a great image in my mind with a multicolored manicure using one of the designs, but it didn't come out great at all. Then I went and bought a Konad stamper and scraper and things started working better. 

The base color is Essie Cocktail Bling and the stamping color is China Glaze Awaken, a dark silver/charcoal from the Romantique collection. This collection is made entirely out of foils and they all stamp very well. The image I chose, from m73 of course, is a french tip made out of hearts. I had to stamp about 3 times on every nail to get the full nail design. I don't care much for stamping that doesn't cover the whole nail. 

I think, in the end, this came out pretty well. I made some mistakes while stamping, but did my best to correct them. The Konad stamper and scraper are definitely better than the Born Pretty ones. So if you have trouble with your stamping, consider upgrading your tools! 

P.S. I now have a tumblr too. If you wanna follow me the link is: If you are on tumblr leave me a link so I can follow. I also have all the links to the places where you can find me (facebook, twitter, google+ etc) in the left sidebar of the blog, so definitely check them out!


  1. It looks so good :) The two colours you chose are made for each other!


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