Thursday, July 18, 2013

Golden Stripes

Hello my lovelies! Just a quick post today to show you a manicure I did a while back and didn't have time to show you. I think by now you all know how much I like tape manicures. I've seen this type of design around and there's also a Konad stamp that has a similar pattern, so I decided to recreate it using my trusty striping tape. 

The base color for this manicure was Catrice The GlamoureX Factor. This metallic gold is a bit too much to be worn alone, but the dark navy was perfect to make it more wearable. The polish I used for the top layer was Rimmel Aye, Aye, Sailor

As good as this might look, it does take a bit of time and patience so naturally I got bored after doing my right hand. So on my left hand I did a very simple chevron design. This looks great because it makes the nails seem longer. 

So tell me, what do you think of this manicure? Time has proven that I can't stay away from tape. I just love the look of clean lines and straight edges!


  1. Tape manis are the best. This is beautiful michaela! :-)

  2. Great job using the tape! This looks gorgeous! :)

  3. I love striping tape designs. They always look so crisp and clean. Great idea

  4. I'm obsessed with them! Thank you!

  5. That's exactly why I love them too! Thank you!


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